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  • I honeslty think this program the perfect software I at all times tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • Hope the writer can see this. The most missed feature is the font size change for the EVENT caption. Many fonts size can be changed but only the EVENT caption cannot, but EVENT is the most important one. Very strange logic.

  • The interface is very intuitive. I am finding the program easy to use and it has exactly the functions that I need. Still, it seems to need some work on stability. Whenever I return to it after a break, portions are unresponsive, for instance HELP ABOUT, on my otherwise very stable WIN7U system. This program/project shows great promise. Thank you.

  • Love the idea of this program. I use it to plot my novels and it works better for me than the old index card programs I used to use. The only thing I'd like to see implemented is the ability to change the font size in the timeline tags and comment boxes. I run my monitor at 1920x1080 and the text is quite small on the screen. I can change the font sizes for the timeline itself, but not the actual tags and comments. That would be great.

  • Issue: after running the application, there prompt an error. $ python Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 27, in <module> import wxversion ImportError: No module named wxversion How to fix this, please. Thanks for this application for monitoring events.

  • Help! All of a sudden I cannot open an important timeline file. The application returns an Error window. "Unable to read timeline data from (path)" and the error code "(path):2935:129: not well-formatted (invalid token)" Is there a way to recover the file?


  • Useful for teaching and learning - escpecially history.

  • Thanks for the excellent software, very easy to use. How can we customize it for projects using specialized time scales as needed to describe geology and life evolution (in millions of years), atomic processes (in tiny fractions of a second); etc. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Rafael

  • Just what I was looking for my project :) Lots of features, good controls and great versatility. And it's still being developed! Thanks.

  • Are you planning to add image support? Inserting a photo to the description would make it perfect for me.

  • I would like this project very much. But it is more wonderful if get richer textbox function. So we can view all events under table view (with name, type, category, status, date... column and can be filtered) and go to any event easily and quickly. We just click on an event, and it will navigate to this event in timeline view.

  • Good for tracking historic timelines - for research papers,non-fiction writing and novels. it's not meant to be a huge project management tool, it just does annotated timelines very well.

  • Although it may not look like it - certainly not fancy in any sense - it's one of the most useful pieces of software I have come across. It's been stable and reliable, fast and fairly easy to use and I use it almost daily in an 'productive' (health care) environment. I am extremely thankful to all those people out there gradually, and it seems to me: thoughtfully, improve this project without wasting energy on things solely designed to whoo some users, as so many others seem to do.

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  • Seems a solid proyect with future ahead

  • It is a very expressive soft. It's just what i need to show the project in the time... Great soft. Thanks to builders...

  • Congratulations - simple and easy. Fully sufficient for 50 % of my daily jobs. I would like to save different timelines for different projects. I recommend this application.

  • Easy for use.

  • I use this software for history learning. I like it but I think it would be better if there was a possibility of adding events in BCE.

  • Font size: egrep -iR 'default_font.[0-9]' * because the author did not care about this

  • Simple, powerful, and quality. Word gentlemen, word.

  • Simple, practical and very easy to use! Great program!

  • A very timely and highly practical software. Can we show two calendars eg.Julian and Gregorian together? Best regards,

  • excellent application.

  • Really good application. Could be great if it was possible to add web link in the timeline. Thx for your job !

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