.NET desktop app to find (and replace) text in folders and files.


  • Find and replace in multiple folders and or files
  • Extension filter
  • Use built-in editor or specify custom editor
  • Find and replace options
  • Regular expressions
  • Search file contents or file names

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User Reviews

  • NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY, SOURCEFORGE WON'T REPRODUCE PARAGRAPHING SO I CAN'T ILLUSTRATE THE END-OF-LINE BUG THAT I DESCRIBE IN THE REVIEW. Has lots of potential but can only rate on current results, which are mediocre. * Because depends on .NET, the recursion is a lot slower than it could be; I had to leave it running and go have a brew while I ran it on a large directory with lots of subfolders. Would probably have taken a minute or two if written in C++ or Delphi; Seeker took about ten. On the plus side, it did work. My search expression was accurately matched and replaced in every instance I checked. * Regexes are a different story. I haven't done an exhaustive test but just two attempts at usage revealed bugs, and that's a major problem because an S&R tool is nothing without regexes. The first time I used it for regexes it worked. Unfortunately I didn't keep a record of exactly what I did, but it was fairly simple. The second time, with something a bit more advanced, it failed, viz... BUG 1: when the regex matches something which is followed with more than one end-of-lines, it sometimes consumes one end-of-line even if you didn't specify any in the regex. Therefore when it replaces, it deletes the end of line. BUG 2: Don't know why, but sometimes fails to match an expression that it has already matched elsewhere in a file. After experiencing these errors in "the wild" on a real doc, I created a small test file with a bit of nonsense text (unfortunately hard-returns are not reproduced by Sourceforge, so the hard-returns in my doc are not reproduced here): "gooble. grooble. blah gooble. blah blah grooble. a;sjkdlj grooble. iiiop;d[o dddd gooble. I then ran the following search regex: (gooble\.)|(grooble\.) And used this replacement regex (Sourceforge doesn't allow you to upload text with dollar signs, so I had to say "backref" in brackets instead, but the original replacement expression had dollar signs for backreference): whipple [BACKREF]1[BACKREF]2 The result of this should replace each instance of "gooble" and "grooble" that have periods with "whipple gooble" and "whipple grooble", also preserving the periods. The "gooble" in the middle of the second line, lacking a period, should be unaffected, but all the other goobles and groobles should get a whipple. But here's the result: "whipple gooble. whipple grooble. blah whipple gooble. blah gooble blah whipple grooble. a;sjkdlj grooble. iiiop;d[o dddd whipple gooble." Most of the groobles and goobles with periods were matched, but not the "grooble" with its period in "a;sjkdlj grooble". Also, though I can't illustrate this here on Sourceforge, three end-of-lines were mistakenly deleted during the replacement, turning double-spaced lines into single-spaced lines. So regex implementation not too good at the moment.

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