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This is stable Release 1.64 CHANGES in this release 1) The Server now detects the interfaces dynamically and listens on each of them. This causes better performance. 2) Demonizing script is enchanced to use service and chkconfig commands. (Unix Only) Other Features 1) Supports BlockSize (blksize), Interval 2) Supports Block Number rollover, unlimited size files can be transfered. 3) Read, Write and Overwrite permissions can be configured independently 4) Uses Thread Pools for better performance (MT Version Only). 5) Listening Interfaces can be selected for Multihome Servers. 6) Listening ports can also be specified. Ports more than 1024 do not need root account in Unix 7) Block size as large as 65464. 8) Supports Logging, created new logfile everyday, preserving old log files. 9) Multiple directories can be added to [HOME] using aliases 10) Permitted Hosts can be specified 11) Program can be started as root user but can run as any other user (Unix only)
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