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  • I absolutely assume this software one of the best app I ever used! => have a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • In principle this could have been a wonderfully helpful extension. However, while it works just fine on LibreOffice writer ( under (L)ubuntu 17.04, it fails with Impress When I click on the leftmost icon, I get the often-reported: "The selected object is not a TexMaths equation... Please unselect it and call the macro again..." A similar problem has been repeatedly reported for TeXMAths, but it is still here. I really hope this can be fixed-- the built-in equation editor of LibreOffice is awful.

  • Seamless integration into writer or impress. High quality extension.

  • Excellent software, helped me a lot for writing scientific documents.

  • An essential tool, well done

  • An essential tool, well done

  • This nice and in future will replace the libreMath, because if latex and Math can not separate, I hope they add new feature (gui symbol) for new user which not familiar with latex command. Why this plugin is not developed intensively. If I have time I will modified this plugin easer and have graphical icon to put symbol and other math symbol like lyx.

  • Awesome project. Much easier to use than the default system in LibreOffice.

  • Much better than the stuff being sold for MSOffice!

  • Amazing ease of use, great for simple reports etc. I will use full-fledged Latex for important documents, but this makes life easy for homeworks etc! Thank you very much!

  • texmaths is small and works nicely

  • Excellent application

  • Thank you for providing this excellent extension for LibreOffice. Simlpy the best option to create mathematical formulas with LibreOffice.

  • SVG option is great, much better than ooolatex solution. This is now my default equation writer for LibreOffice