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  • Amazing plugin that I use on a daily basis!

  • Excellent plugin, although sometimes has some issues (like duplication of toolbars) Occasional maintenance would be very helpful I guess...

  • Thanks for Texlipse, it's good!

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  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • I'm a beginner at LaTeX, but so far I like the idea of one software for coding and documenting.

  • Amazing, the best latex IDE

  • texlipse, easy to use

  • I've used a ton of editors and this has the most potential by Far. I love it

  • I use this plugin day-to-day to write articles and my phd thesis. It is really useful! I can integrate it with all other plugins i need in Eclipse.

  • Finally somebody is implementing the features that I missed on other editors. Always wondered why there wasn't automatic real-time syntax checking and high-lighting in Latex editors. I'm used to programming in Java in Eclipse and until now using LaTeX had been such a pain! Yes there is still room for improvement, but it's already quite awesome. I switched from Texmaker. I also tried WinEdt.

  • Best LaTeX editor by far.

  • Now I can use all my eclipse svn tools with my tex tools and when I save it does a build automatically... this is the model eclipse plugin.

  • An excellent work, really useful, and a good support too. Thanks guys, please keep up the pace.

  • If you like eclipse and its cvs, it will add latex to it.

  • Great plugin! I'm using it all the time on Mac, Linux and Windows. A true life-saver!

  • nice, still a little buggy on windows

  • I just started using this tool today and I have to say that it is much better than everything I have ever used! More than that, since it is an eclipse plugin, it is now a lot easier to add version control using SVN. I usually do not write reviews (this is actually my first one), but this tool made my life so much easier that I had to! Good job! I hope you keep adding features and fixing bugs as an open-source project! Thanks for this awesome tool!

  • Quite good, but I don't think it is mature enough for production and managing large projects.

  • Best Latex-Editor ever used

  • Thank you for this excellent plug-in. I'm just started writing my master thesis with texlipse and liked to help you during development.

  • Really, really excellent piece of software. Better than any dedicated editor I have tried, and it's cross platform! Keep up the great work.

  • It works really great and fits like a charm in my favorite IDE.

  • I really like this plugin, because it is integrated in Eclipse and I can use a lot of Eclipse functions as well. I hope you keep up the good work, guys!!