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INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Open the configuration file in conf/config.php 2. Edit the JIRA URL for your server. 3. Edit the custom periods for your needs. 4. Save file. 5. Place all files in a folder of you PHP Web Server. 6. Make sure you have XSLT installed on your PHP server. 7. Open the Index.php file in your browser to see the application. 8. If you want to edit reports, modify each report file in the "xslt" folder. 9. Reference for assistance. 10. If you add reports, modify the array "$reports" by adding a new report reference. 11. Enjoy. These reports and this code is offered free with no support or guarantee. If you find these beneficial, then please continue to use them. I encourage you to offer code and assistance to others. If you have any trouble, these files and instructions are offered with no guarantee, warranty, or support implied or intended. Thank you. Michael J. Rainwater Frisco, TX June 2011
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