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TemaTres 1.04 2011-01-04
TemaTres 1.05 2011-01-04
TemaTres 1.1 2011-01-04
TemaTres 1.032 2009-09-12
TemaTres 1.031 2009-05-07
TemaTres 1.03 2009-04-21
TemaTres 1.01 2008-11-07
1.0 2008-10-08
tematres 0.95 2007-05-17
TemaTres 0.9.4 2006-10-20
tematres_0.9.3 2006-08-06
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# Tematres *TemaTres : aplicación para la gestión de vocabularios controlados* *TemaTres : The way to manage formal representations of knowledge* Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Diego Ferreyra Distribuido bajo Licencia GNU Public License, versión 2 (de junio de 1.991) Free Software Foundation Este es el archivo LEAME.TXT TemaTres se distribuye bajo licencia GNU Public License (GPL==Pública General de GNU), versión 2 (de junio de 1.991). Para instrucciones de instalación y documentación disponible: For instruction, please visit: and (in spanish) For examples, please visit: Changelog TemaTres 2.2: - New export format in JSON to integrate glossaries and vocabularies in distributed content - Can bulk create auto-gloss: search and replace terms found in notes and use wiki links to semantically enrich the vocabulary (auto-gloss) - Export vocabularies in PDF format. - Massive task for free terms (change status, delete, associate with terms and more) - Utilities to export specific terms, facet or taxon in alphabetical or hierarchical format (for admins) - Facilities to reuse terms or change the structure of the vocabulary - New capabilities to use notes as glossaries and as tools to semantically enrich the vocabulary (auto-gloss) - Update TiniMCE editor - Fix minor bugs Many thanks to the feedback provided by TemaTres community :) Some HOWTO: How to update to Tematres 2.0 from previous version (1.8x, 2.x): - Replace the code but mantaine your db.tematres.php. How to update to Tematres 2.0 from Tematres 1.6 (or preious version): - Login as admin and go to: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance -> Update 1.6 to 2.2 How to manage many vocabularies with Tematres - Copy /vocab directory (example: vocab2/) and change the prefix tables in db.tematres.php How to enable SPARQL endpoint: 1) Login as admin and go to Menu -> Administration -> Configuration -> Click in your vocabulary: Set as ENABLE SPARQL endpoint (by default is disable). 2) Login as admin and Goto: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance -> Update SPARQL endpoint. diego ferreyra
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