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  • Nice

  • Easy to install GCC compiler for Windows. Just one request, please provide gcc 6 in a new update.

  • Thank you very much for this project! It works great for me!

  • This really help me.All in One.

  • Tested 64-bit version for my own projects. Works like a charm!

  • Thank you.

  • when will the gcc 6.1.1 version come out?

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  • The TDM-GCC-32 Compiler Suite version 5.1.0-3 is very good indeed. At last, a complier for 32 bit windows that features an up-to-date gcc with a statically linked libstdc++. As of writing, the official mingw tool chain has no static library for libstd++, and requires that an application links to at least libstdc++-6.dll and libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll. Building gcc-5 on my Windows 32-bit machine is impossible due to limited resources, so this compiler suite is a blessing. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this excellent distribution together.

  • Perfect Quality!

  • very good

  • Excellent package. The ability to target 32 and 64-bit programs with the same compiler front-end is something the Visual-C at MS should learn from (instead of relying on the Registry and VCvars*.bat mess). Thanks John E!

  • Easy to setup and works just fine, thanks a lot!

  • Nice job.

  • I'm currently testing c++ 11 examples source code from the book C++ Primer 5th Edition and in the GCC Examples as well as MSVC Examples it shows a function called Assert() could you please Fix this in your GCC as every single mingw32 and other Gcc's out there don't have it except of course visual studio

  • Really nice job, I love 4.8.1 TDM-GCC!!! and download it right after you released it. and I found if binutils can be compiled and dynamically link to libintl-8.dll or other dlls, it could save about more disk space. :) 02/12/2014 I have to switch back to mingw-builds because this version lacks of some header files and does not support widechar very well, I need to compile Qt 5.x for my project. Now, only choice is mingw-builds. hope you can update this version. I really like it.

  • Tdm-gcc works fine.

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  • Tdm-gcc is good! Thanks.

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  • Thanks for Tdm-gcc, it's the best!

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  • It installs MinGW-w64 without pain in just few click

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Good job! Works out of the box. Great for compiling 64bit Matlab MEX files written in C99.

  • Why the hell a proper offline installer like this is not available from official MinGw website is beyond my comprehension. Thank you for an amazing app.

  • Works a great deal better than MinGW installers.

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  • works great.

  • Excellent project. When can we expect an update to GCC 4.7.x series?

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