Packages with 86 components for all delphi versions (since D7) to build Windows 32/64 bit applications:
VCL controls (labels, buttons, panels, Edits, TabControls, StaticText) with features like background gradient, colored bevels, wallpaper, shadowText, caption orientation etc...
TcyCommunicate and TcyCommRoomConnector allows communication between applications running in same computer session.
TcySearchFiles and TcyCopyfiles allow respectively search and copy files with pause/resume/abort features.
TcyResizer allow move and resize components at run-time like delphi 2009 does.
Advanced DB Express components (tested with mySQL) for easy table data handling (tcyDbxTable or TcyDbxSimpleTable), schema modifications (TcyDbxUpdateSql), reconcile handling (TcyDBXReconcileError) and table creation (cyDbxImportDataset1).
TcyMathParser can parse matematical expressions.
TcyWebBrowser allows view/edit html documents.
TcyDbAdvGrid is a DBGrid with advanced feature etc ...


  • Visual controls
  • Database Controls
  • Move and resize your components at run-time with TcyResizer
  • DB Express components for MySQL
  • WebBrowser

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  • I absolutely assume this program one of the best software I ever used! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • Bonsoir Mauricio, Je viens de m'en sortir avec l'install.. mais je n'ai pas trouvé de compos DB traitant les jpg sous forme de miniatures horizontales.. Bonne année 2018 @+

  • Perfect pack of components. Amazing resizer component (the only one component, which works in the ocean of components), I love the grid and the virtual grid, the "communicate" component, but I will probably find another useful component in my list. Just a regret, the package names should not have the same name in Delphi 10.1 and 10.2, they are in conflict. Cy components should use the {VER} instead. Very good work!

  • Awesome. I love the resize control (y)

  • good project

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