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BWidget ToolKit 1.9.5 June 2011 Copyright (c) 1998-1999 UNIFIX. Copyright (c) 2001-2002 ActiveState Corp. See the file LICENSE.txt for license info (uses Tcl's BSD-style license). -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highlights: - The color picker button is translated, while some languages are still missing. - ListBox and tree scroll region on Windows 7 - ListBox tags for images were broken (introduced in 1.9.2) - The widgets LabelEntry, LabelFrame, PagesMgr are now themed (by Wojciech Kocjan). - The MainFrame widget got a -sizegrip option. - The NoteBook client frame is themed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS BWIDGET ? The BWidget Toolkit is a high-level Widget Set for Tcl/Tk built using native Tcl/Tk 8.x namespaces. The BWidgets have a professional look&feel as in other well known Toolkits (Tix or Incr Widgets), but the concept is radically different because everything is pure Tcl/Tk. No platform dependencies, and no compiling required. The code is 100% Pure Tcl/Tk. The BWidget library was originally developed by UNIFIX Online, and released under both the GNU Public License and the Tcl license. BWidget is now maintained as a community project, hosted by Sourceforge. Scores of fixes and enhancements have been added by community developers. See the ChangeLog file for details. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIDGET LIST (1.9) Simple Widgets Label Extended Label widget Entry Extended Entry widget Button Extended Button widget ArrowButton Button widget with an arrow shape. ProgressBar Progress indicator widget ScrollView Display the visible area of a scrolled window Separator 3D separator widget Manager Widgets MainFrame Manage toplevel with menu, toolbar and statusbar LabelFrame Frame with a Label TitleFrame Frame with a title ScrolledWindow Generic scrolled widget ScrollableFrame Scrollable frame containing widget PanedWindow Tiled layout manager widget ButtonBox Set of buttons with horizontal or vertical layout PagesManager Pages manager widget NoteBook Notebook manager widget Dialog Dialog abstraction with custom buttons Composite Widgets LabelEntry LabelFrame containing an Entry widget. ComboBox ComboBox widget SpinBox SpinBox widget Tree Tree widget ListBox ListBox widget MessageDlg Message dialog box ProgressDlg Progress indicator dialog box PasswdDlg Login/Password dialog box (contributed by Stephane Lavirotte) SelectFont Font selection widget SelectColor Color selection widget Commands Classes Widget The Widget base class DynamicHelp Provide help to Tk widget or BWidget DragSite Commands set for Drag facilities DropSite Commands set for Drop facilities BWidget Utilities -------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION AND USE - On Unix Platform: Uncompress the file BWidget-<version>.tar.Z|gz To use the BWidget: - If you have uncompressed the archive file under the Tcl Library Path directory, you only need to do: % package require BWidget - If not, you have to specify the BWidget installation path in auto_path global variable: % lappend auto_path <install_path> % package require BWidget To launch the demo, you need to cd into the demo subdirectory: $ cd <install_path>/demo $ wish demo.tcl - On Windows and others Platforms: Uncompress the file BWidget-<version>.zip To use the BWidget: - If you uncompressed the archive file under the Tcl Library Path directory, you only need to do: % package require BWidget - If not, you have to specify the BWidget installation path in auto_path global variable: % lappend auto_path your_path % package require BWidget To launch the demo : Double click on demo.tcl in the demo subdirectory Distribution contains these directories: BWidget-<version> Root directory and BWidget Tcl sources BWman HTML manual pages images images used by BWidget lang Resources for language customization demo Demo sources tests BWidgets test suite -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ttk support Johann Oberdorfer has written a tile-version of BWidget consisting in theme-based parameter switching. No native windows are used on MAC or Windows. IMHO we need native widgets. It is not senseful to use BWidget with Ttk due to different concepts. For the migration of my programs to Ttk, limited Ttk support is integrated in the following widgets: - ScrolledWindow, Label, Button - MainFrame (-sizegrip option) - NoteBook (only user frame) - LabelEntry, LabelFrame, PagesMgr (by Wojciech Kocjan, docs missing?) The documentation pages list the parameter differences. I do not recomment using this for new projects. To activate Ttk support, use: Widget::themed 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOCUMENTATION HTML manual pages are available in the BWman subdirectory. Point to index.html for frame version with tree navigation, or to contents.html for no frame version. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS The BWidget toolkit is maintained on Sourceforge, at -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: (Only showing changes since BWidget 1.9.4 release.) 2011-06-23 Harald Oehlmann <> * listbox.tcl (listbox::generate_data) fixed last patch by ryotakatsuki [Bug 3324610] 2011-06-23 Harald Oehlmann <> * listbox.tcl Fix of Bug 3000293 broke listbox tags. The bindImage subcommand did not report right tag. Patch by ryotakatsuki [Bug 3324610] 2011-06-23 Harald Oehlmann <> * listbox.tcl, tree.tcl (_update_scrollregion) the linewise scrolling did not always scroll up to the end on windows 7. Report and patch by Wojciech Kocjan, review and modification by Koen Danckaert [Bug 3317772] 2011-05-25 Harald Oehlmann <> *mainframe.tcl: Add a boolean readonly option -sizegrip to show a sizegrip widget in themed mode. 2011-05-24 Harald Oehlmann <> *lang/pl.rc updated by Wojciech Kocjan. 2011-04-26 Harald Oehlmann <> *notebook.tcl The user frame of the notebook is now a themed frame in themed mode. The set background color does not apply to the user frame in this case. 2011-04-26 Harald Oehlmann <> label.tcl configuring foreground color caused error when themed [Bug 3292977] 2011-04-20 Harald Oehlmann <> lang/hu.rc by Rezso updated 2011-04-20 Harald Oehlmann <> * font.tcl, lang/*.rc: Add translation possibility for color picker button of font dialog. Used google translater to translate "Color" to all languages. Please check if this is correct. [Bug 3289573] reported by Rezso 2011-04-19 Harald Oehlmann <> * lang/*.rc [Bug 3289573] : Add translation (templates) for the Color picker widget text "Base colors" and "User colors". Only german and english locals are provided so far. 2011-02-14 Harald Oehlmann <> * combobox.tcl: [Bug 3182287] : ComboBox failes in themed mode due to the use of the themed entry widget. The following options are not supported (and thus called) any more: -relief -highlightbackground -highlightforeground 2011-02-14 Harald Oehlmann <> * entry.tcl, labelentry.tcl, labelframe.tcl, mainframe.tcl, pagesmgr.tcl, scrollw.tcl: [Bug 3168761]: entry failes when themed support activated with: unknown option "-highlightthickness" (reported by George on clt 27 Jan., 16:55). The patch by Wojciech Kocjan fixes this and enhances labelentry, labelframe and pagesmgr to also use themed frames. Within scrollw.tcl, a bug for empty background handling is fixed. The scrollbar background is not set any more for not-themed widget.
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