TaskBoard brings the simplicity of iOS to your Mac.
Access all your running tasks with simple keystroke combinations and with a five fingers multitouch gesture. TaskBoard is specially useful when you are using many fullscreen apps at the same time. Swap between active tasks or kill tasks
with a single click.

New on Beta 0.44
- Global multitouch gesture;
- Main performance issues fixed;
- Preview option removed;
- Scrollbars display fixed;
- Monitor app performance issues fixed;
- Mouse gesture removed.

New on Beta 0.44.1
- Multilingual Application identification issue fixed;

New on Beta 0.5.1
- New System Preferences Pane;
- Vertical and Horizontal tray style;

System Requirements:
-OS X 10.8 or later;


  • Simple running apps management.
  • Useful when there are many fullscreen apps running.
  • Full customizable keyboard behaviour.
  • Global five fingers swipe up gesture.
  • Close apps right from TaskBoard
  • Better performance.
  • Horizontal and vertical tray style.
  • Includes user's quick guide.
  • Lghtweight App.
  • Free app.

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User Reviews

  • Thanks for Tbbeta032, it's excellent!

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • huge memory leak on 10.8.3 on Air. can't figure out installed version of Taskboard but it should be latest since I installed it in April. Taskboard04 is leaking memory until harddrive runs full with spawfiles in vm.

  • It works for me, but I am having a problem configuring it.The global shortcut works in the first launch but when I change the shortcut it stops calling the application. Now I can't use the global shortcut feature anymore I have to manually launch the app whenever I want to use it. i don't have a multi-touch Trackpad so I haven't tested the multi-touch feature by now. And please add a feature to change the appearance of the icons (App Icon Size).

  • This is getting better with the gesture to bring it up. (Five finger swipe). I am really liking this "app". And for all the people that can't get it to launch: To launch the app, you need to click on the DMG file you downloaded. That mounts a "drive" with the installer package on your Desktop. Click on the "drive" symbol and that will open a window. In the window, click on the "Box" icon, that will launche the installer. Follow the directions on the screen. Of course, you probably will never see these instructions. Good luck!

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Interesting idea. It's looking good. I think the keyboard shortcut choice could be set by selecting the keys rather than by a drop down list. I'm finding it a bit jumpy on the animated transitions and the app names are cut off at the bottom of the screen. I look forward to further updates.

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