TaskUnifier is a task management software based on the well-known GTD (Getting things done) methodology. It will help you manage your tasks and therefore your time.


  • Task manager
  • Based on GTD
  • Contacts, contexts, folders, goals, locations and notes
  • Sub-tasks
  • Powerful search/sort/filter mechanism
  • Calendar view

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User Reviews

  • User-friendly and has a rich feature set

  • The best thing that has happened to me regarding time management is Toodledo. Similar online time management tools don't come close. The SECOND best thing was TaskUnifier! TU is an offline time management tool that can use the Toodledo online service as a cloud database. The third best thing is that, after devoting enormous effort for several years to make this a remarkably mature and full-featured standalone product, is that Ben LeClerc has "abandoned" it to the public domain. Through his dedication and selfless sacrifice, he has demonstrated his enormous talent as a developer and his skills in project and product manager. More importantly though, he as also shown enormous character, compassion and generosity in allowing others to continue to benefit from his enormous investment of time and effort, rather than "scorching the earth" as many other less mature and respectable developers have. Unlike super giants like Google that abandon user's who have come to depend on their product offerings, TaskUnifier lives on - at least for capable developers - thanks to Ben's selflessness and integrity. Many, many thanks, Ben. My pathetic registration years ago seems like such a pathetic gesture considering your dedication and professionalism, but please accept my thanks for one of the best time management (and more!) tools I've ever used! You will be remembered! Jim Bay (Regarding the additional ratings: Ease 5, Features 5, Design 5, Support 5... Toodledo provided an awesome online tool for time management, usable from any browser, and many mobile apps. TaskUnifier leveraged this fantastic product by adding new time management capabilities, exceptional UI/UX, customization and so much more. Without doing either a disservice, if Toodledo is the Oracle of Time Management, TU is like a web app such as Facebook, leveraging other technologies to provide unique and vital capabilities. TU allows you to abandon the clunkiness of the web app for the convenience and ease of use of a native app. It's enormously extensible search mechanism, intelligent defaults, and enhancement of the native information Toodledo provides makes the combination of the two wildly powerful. Besides being easier to use, more full-featured, and a classic example of elegant, clean design, throughout the life of the product Ben worked tirelessly to support TU and his user community)

  • One of the best available. The biggest advantage is interface design, simple yet it has everything I expect from such program. Right as it should be. The problem for me is setting appropriate rules. Sample configuration in help files would be very helpful. It has only positive way of setting rules - include - defines what is shown. I think it should also have excluding rules defining what not to show. Second problem is that calendar doesn't switch to next month that is chosen, I guess it is a bug. What is sad is that there are so many to-do managers but all non-commercial are abandoned. This one is not exception. It will only take a few improvements to make it perfect.

  • Excellent application. Easy to use, complete feature set and rock solid reliability. Synchronization with Pocket Informant on Android via Toodledo works well. I was especially pleased to discover the ability to go back to a saved data set after I managed to screw things up. I was happy to pay 20 bucks for the Pro version and hope that recent movement to "free" does not mean we will start seeing ads!

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  • First steps were easy and very good. I purchased Pro version. But now I'm very disappointed. After I synced Toodledo's cca 2000 tasks, every start application hangs up. Every time I see problems with the database. Every time I have to restore from backup. Horrible. I'd like to ask for a feature: - sync with syncML - I'll have my own funambol server with support for sub-subtasks Thanks!

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