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  • It has several useful features (I specially liked precedents, dependents and tracking task time which is something most to-do lists lack) and it's fairly simple to use. The only thing I didn't like, and which for me was the deal breaker was the way categories and task grouping work.

  • Pretty difficult to use. - Have to go through a complicated menu structure and click many times to just assign a category - Manual ordering is virtually impossible (cannot easily drag&drop, have to turn on some "Manual ordering" column, which is a great pain to use). - Very sparse documentation and poor feedback on forums

  • This is great. That's what i was looking for, a programme that can track my working time/spending time on a project. And Grouping-categorized them. But this one has much more than what i want :)

  • Excellent and reliable task logger. I use perhaps a third of this program's features and it more than satisfies my needs. Taskcoach has been totally reliable in the several years that I have used it; I've never lost important data. I am completely satisfied with it.

  • Very useful software. I'm not an IT professional and I can easly use it to track my task times.

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  • You sir, made an impressive job! Thx for sharing it

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  • very simple to use and well organized, thank you

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  • I am really appreciative of the effort and generosity that the authors have shown in producing Task Coach under a Free Software license.

  • I searched for a Linux task/todo list manager, and the Sourceforge site came up with a ton of assorted programs listed. Task Coach was the second, IIRC, but after glancing at it I looked down the rest of the first page to see what else there was. I wound up coming back to it and checking its homepage, after which I decided to install it. I am super impressed already; it is exactly what I was looking for, and is beautifully implemented (aesthetically very pleasing and brimming with user-friendliness).

  • I have been using TaskCoach for several year. Love it! And with Dropbox you are able to follow up your project on your Android device as well.

  • Task Coach is a powerhouse app for creating and managing complex projects. Especially great features include setting prerequisite tasks, being able to attach files and open them from within TC, budgeting and revenue calculations. Love it!

  • Very easy to youe and has a lot of useful Features. Use this tool to manage a Todo-list for my game Arengu ( also on ) and its very helpful to display all the things I want to implement in a tree-view with description, priority, etc. Also the HTML-Export feature is prittey cool ( for uploading it to a website or so ).

  • Good project.

  • Nothing that you couldn't do in Visio. This is not a true project management tool. You can't have multiple resources, start dates are not calculated, dependencies between tasks (prerequisites) are not visualised graphically. Disappointing.

  • Works great! Has lots of features!

  • Decent Application

  • Nice piece of work

  • Excellent product

  • Good product. Easy, fast and stable. Good support.

  • Easy to use, lightweight, flexible, useful tool.

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  • Great product. I'm a freelance artist with several projects always in the works--each with varying degrees of tasks. I struggled finding a solution for keeping organized and tracking projects. I flirted with MIcrosoft Project and Open Proj---both were way too complex and convultued. Total overkill. I didn't want to spend a week learning a new complex program. Task Coach is perfect. Easy to learn, manageable with all the right features. It may not win an award for a stylish interface, but it's efficient and effective.

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  • Excellent product. It has all the features I need, both for my company and for my personal org. The only feature I miss is synchronisation (between team members, also with my Android phone & tablet). It has a lot of "structure" (dependencies, categories, subcategories, effort estimation, etc.), which is where competitive products fail. Since most details are absolutely optional, you can leave those blank if you want to keep things simple.

  • Works Just Fine Don't use it if you can't Learn to properly Use it...

  • Really great, runs fast and easy to obtain. Just if it had nitrofs support, could be really really great.

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  • Looks like a fantastic suite but svg support seems to be seriously broken.

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