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  • I opened a log file as described in the readme.txt expecting that it would tail this file - that is allow you to see the file change. It simply doesn't work - well not for me on a Win7 machine. The only way you can get it to update is by opening the log file in notepad - then this WinTail program updates! This is my experience and therefore makes this program worst than useless since I had to spend time finding out that it does less than periodically opening in notepad.

  • Great software! But i miss a search function!

  • I could open a 13 GB text file with this tool. Nice!

  • very bad looking app, but indeed useful, overall 4.0

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  • Anyone know where the documentation is for this app. It works reasonably well, is fast to display changes to logs, however, it is a bit flaky. Can't save workspace, what is a non-workspace vs a workspace. Why can't I add files to "workspace". Why can't I save workspaces, this is particularlly annoying because every time you start it up, you have to re-add all your logs even though there is a setting to load on open. Anyone know where the docs are?

  • The update speed is tragic (take about 30+ seconds to notice any changes) and the GUI could use some modernizing.

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  • There's another Tail for Windows project hosted here in SF that looks much better than this one. If you search for "WinTail" you'll find it.

  • Dont use it ! Virus contained in this project

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  • The program compares itself to tail for unix, except that unix's tail is very fast to update. This program decides to once in a blue moon, and there's no way to force it it seems.

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  • Works like a charm. Will the code author please get in touch with me as I would like to license the code and build it into my desktop app dashboard for log file viewing. (

  • Tailforwin32 works wonderful.

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  • Parab�ns

  • There's not much such useful tools like this. Thanks to Author :-). Janusz Delta.

  • very helpfull program !!!

  • very good project

  • Great utility but the pause doesn't work. May sound trivial but if you see a hit on a keyword what's the next thing you want to do? Scroll back and look at the entire line. You can't do that if you're watching something like logs from a busy mail server. Is this a dead project?

  • Pros: It works, doesn't need to be installed and uses windows instead of the command line. Cons: Pausing and workspaces don't work.

  • There hasn't been a release in donkeys years, but it's still a useful tool. What do you get over a command line tail you might ask? Well mainly color highlighting, but also it behaves like a normal window that can be resized unlike a windows command prompt. I go though periods of using it a lot.

  • No further development? I think is a better choice for file monitor.