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  • Hi, I try to use the systemrescue cd on my systems where is something needed to do, and its a great application but it has a big resolution bug and there isn't any forum (closed - doesn't accept new users) or support. Always when I need to start the graphic system on machines with build in graphic then i have OUT of RANGE resolution on monitors. In the latest PC was it an old ATI RageXL with 8MB Ram. Then is the system unusable... Please open an support or forums to help people. Thanks.

  • System Rescue CD is the best multitool live CD. I've been using it since the beginning and it never disappointed me. But in the latest release I noticed that Partclone is missing? Why? I consider Partclone very efficient and it's updated if compared to partimage... I hope we have it back in the next release! Thanks!

  • Looks like a nice and very versatile tool! Please update nwipe, as the included 0.21 version has some severe known issues that are resolved in the current version. Thanks!

  • This project is invaluable to me. I've used it to clone the partitions on one drive to another, to fix a broken grub boot, and to run zerofree on my Virtualbox VM partitions so that I can compact them.

  • great software to restore a system on a different filesystem/hard disk using tools like Disk Archive - dar

  • A tool that any decent systems administrator should have.

  • great

  • The best bootable Gentoo Linux there is. Works perfectly fine with both legacy BIOS and UEFI. Whenever I have to maintain/install a machine, sysresccd on USB is my choice. ... for years now...

  • Still having trouble using SysRescue CD v4.9.5 and even earlier 4.4.0 booting an old AMD K6 1Ghz 32 bit machine. Tried boot option edd=off still hangs right after "Loading initram.igz" Funny a much older version of SysResCD v 1.58 seems to work fine Why is this ? Thanks

  • Please add VeraCrypt to the featured software! Writing this here as apparently no new registrations are allowed in the forum. Also could you please open a discussion board here (especially if you have closed forums)?

  • Outstanding workhorse, must-have in the hands of any administrator

  • Superb collections to access any computer system by booting from CD or USB Drive. When a system is in trouble boot using systemrescuecd and fix it.

  • First I apologize for my poor English (I'm from Italy) Well, though support and documentation are not updated nor perfect, I think System Rescue CD is a great tool, perhaps the best among the ones I keep in my multiboot USB. It's not for beginners, since it requires some Linux and PC rescue knowledge, but this is not a defect on my opinion. It's a pity it doesn't have ClamAV anymore (once it had) and that it's not fully updated in it's floppy section. I was only able to delete supergrub disk image and copy a newer version. System Rescue CD is a complete tool (if it had an AV tool it would be enough to manage a PC) anyway and I think any system administrator and PC technician should have it in their bag. The only tool that can be compared to SysRescueCD is Caine: it's a forensic tool but i can be used like a rescue CD. But Caine is very large (more than 3Gb ISO) and it's not updated like SysRescueCD. SysRescueCD can do a lot of things you can do with any distro, but it has a different structure that makes it unique: not just a simple distro with a lot of tool... Sysrescue CD can recover data (also on damaged partition), clone partition, image, securely wipe data, check disks... and meny, meny other things. SysRescueCD is also the tool you want if you have to learn Linux: it teaches you how to manage partition, how to use command line etc... My final judgment is EXCELLENT!

  • Thanks for this livecd

  • Great system with many powerful tools. For best use you must of course know or read up on the tools. Good documentation and tutorials exist on the website (and tools websites and rest of internet... of course)

  • Great product. Wiki is non-existent. Support is non-existent.

  • but will it rescue an HD that's been forced into 'RAW' filesystem mode?? <losing it's NTFS filesystem>???? 'EASY_US 's Wizard seems to be the only thing that will fix such a problem aND retrieve true filenames tooo ... for 70 USD , though!!

  • Years ago, SystemRescueCd was THE tool of choice when it was about repairing broken PCs. But right now, the boot disk is massively over-configured so the boot process will get stuck in a rather early stage if something is not in order with your system. Silly thing wants to prepare everything automatically, no matter if network or attached disk. I'm asking myself what the author uses his tool for. For whatever reason, he has also crippled the Gentoo system he uses by killing TrueCrypt. If you have an existing TC disk, SystemRescueCd won't help you. And he himself won't either, answers requests only if they please him.

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  • A must for evry IT admin. Many thanks for the veryuseful sw.

  • This disc is handy for many things. Boots on just about everything I run it on. Thanks for producing this product.

  • Very Handy

  • Great for many different tasks: - Manage disk partitions with GParted - Clone disk partitions with GParted - Rescue and back up data - Manage GRUB boot loader - Wipe disks - Boot FreeDOS - and more...

  • I REALLY like SystemRescue, but prefer to pair it up with KNOPPIX on a USB drive. HOWEVER, I REALLY would like to see downloading access to the ISO be made available via TORRENT, as TORRENT is easier on servers and downloaders alike!

  • SystemRescueCd is the best!

  • Ya descargado y comenzamos a probarlos, de inicio trae herramientas muy útiles. Gracias.

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