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  • Great project

  • A Must-have tool for System Admins.

  • Saved the day several times! An essential tool in the belt of a Systems Administrator.

  • Wery powerfull disk! Thanks!

  • System Rescue CD is great! I have used it for years. Wonderful tool set. A must for system admins.

  • Good work! Fast download and works, recommended.

  • Very difficult to install. Good work!!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • TrueCrypt support is really missing. The author suggests migrating away from TrueCrypt, but how, without the tool? The whole disk is near undocumented (a simple text file would do, but there is none). The shell defaults are strange and no help whatsoever. The most recent version fails to come up properly if the system is not cold booted, and if there is a LVM drive present that is not in perfect state, the boot scripts will stall: No help if you want to do a repair. Concerning Windows tools, there is near nothing to speak of. Some of the backup tools are outdated or critically buggy. The project chief doesn't answer requests, obviously he doesn't care. I cannot recommend this disk. (updated May 2015)

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  • Two quick words to define SystemRescueCd: TOP QUALITY! VERY useful and easy even for common users and a great help for system administrators. ABSOLUTELY recommended! :-)

  • I don't know how I could do without it.

  • This is great. My son loves it. Thank you for your work guys!

  • Very difficult to install

  • Sysresc is my Swiss Army Knife since a lot of years. Keep up this great work!

  • Great tool. The only thing missing that I would find useful is bison/yacc.

  • Exxcellent program. Thanks all developers.

  • It is good to have apps available when the computer you are working on doesn't have that type of app installed.

  • Very usefull.

  • Small, simple, fast, unpacks lots of things, easy and small install... I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

  • Easy to use...!

  • the best, just works

  • Fantastic project.

  • Una alternativa muy buena!

  • It is a great software.

  • Fast. Great.

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