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  • Thanks for good program!

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  • Syslog-analyzer works fine.

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  • While it looks very promising I have to give it a major fail due to almost complete lack of user land documentation. If decent documentation ever gets written though this project will fly IMHO. It has a very nice, probably very usable interface, just its not intuitive to drive so Ive got no where with it in 2 days. So minuses are, 1) Effectivley no documentation. 2) Tricky / painful install. 3) Not much sign of support/help. Pluses are, 1) Its perl so its very user extensible. 2) Lots of services / modules available to look at a wide range of devices (I just wish I knew how to use them!) 3) Its free as in speech. 4) Good web ui interface. Unknowns are, 1) Performance and scalability.

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  • Works and fast.

  • Great tool

  • Very promising project. Needs far more documentation, and a venue for discussion among users - email list or forum or ....

  • Awesome job, thanks a lot for showing

  • Octopussy is a great software for small and medium organizations or corporations that want to have a look on their devices security, reliability and integrity. Since syslog is the default and proven way to create and transport log data a software like Octopussy fits in perfectly into most IT infrastructures. Even Windows EventLog can be processed after transformation with client-side tools like Snare. The term "Perl/XML Logs Analyzer" is not misleading, but maybe a bit incomplete. After months of usage I realized Octopussy by far exceeded my expectations. It has more to offer than other, smaller software while still keeping maintenance low after an initial configuration phase. Octopussy offers log processing/handling, stateless correlation and analysis, plus an integrated alert mechanism. The latter is especially important since automation can be a great time saver. Imagine it is possible to forward alerts - e.g. 100 SSHd messages with authentication failures from any given device - via e-mail, NSCA (Nagios) or Zabbix. The extensibility of Octopussy is just great. Maintainers of Octopussy installations have the freedom to create new Services incoming syslog messages should match against. Alerts can be created depending on various constraints. Also devices can be tagged individually, configured and grouped. Finally the graph on the front page as well as an availability checker shows you what's going on at all times. One should also mention the reporting tool which for e.g. could generate daily, weekly or monthly reports showing the availability, warnings or errors as well as usage cases and whatnot of devices services. One could archive these for further reference or send maybe them to customers. All in all Octopussy is a great and extensible piece of free and open source software. People who already use software like Cacti or Nagios will regard Octopussy as a great addition for monitoring systems and system infrastructures.

  • how to give user defined logs location to octopussy? where to change the configuration file ? is it possible ?

  • I like to project alot. It just needs alot more documentation. I am willing to put together if you need assistance :)