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  • Outstanding application, it does everything that I needed for it to do. I had issues with Notepad++ for some reason this time, so I downloaded this and it has the functionality that I want.

  • As a notepad++ user, Thought it was not possible to find another text editor as light and powerful... I was wrong, there's SynWrite. EDIT (NOV/2017): Still loving it, Wish there was a linux version.

  • Very good editor, flexible and powerful. I'm just signalling that my username "mlc" isn't more present in the forum user list and I can't advise about an issue in the recently introduced plugin "Brackets Hilite". No way to recover my subscription, no way to contact board administrator. Please, can you recover my account? TIA That's from the confirmation mail of my subscription: Welcome to SynWrite forums forums Please keep this e-mail for your records. Your account information is as follows: ---------------------------- Username: mlc

  • need x64 latest update

  • I was looking for a way to copy regex results, it did it in a very simplistic way. Love it! Thanks for sharing your awesome work!

  • Many features are available in SynWrite (these are not available in Noteapad++). But Notepad++ has very rich set of plug-ins but not SynWrite. Some great features: 1. Extract strings... 2. Lexers for most of the available languages...

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  • Great stuff.

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  • super !!

  • The BEST for advanced users and programmers.

  • The best code editor I ever used!

  • SynWrite helped me to optimize the work with text files! Thank you.

  • Notepad ++ is the better for simple purposes, but this product is great for programmers ! Thank you, Guys !

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  • A nice editor for coding. Quick to launch, smooth operation and small memory footprint. That it's actively developed is a definite plus. Keep up the good work.

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  • I configured SynWrite as an IDE for an microprocessor (-AVR and -PIC) compiler named GreatCowBasic. Before i decided to use SynWrite, i tested a lot of other free programmers editors. At least i'm very happy with SynWrite because - SynWrite is very versatile - SynWrite is highly customizable - SynWrite is under active development - SynWrite is lightweight - SynWrite runs very stable; didn't know that at that time, but now :-) In the end i have an IDE with syntaxhighlighting, codefolding, function tree, autocomplete, contextsensitive help, oneclick compiling, tabs, bookmarks ... everything i wanted and more. Great piece of software, many thanks to the developer Alexey Torgashin!

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  • A great editor for SW developers (similar to UltraEdit). It even can work as a lister plugin with Total Commander -- which is extremely useful to me.

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  • I timed myself while editing unknown html and css pages - SynWrite enabled to find my way around these files faster - considerably faster - then all other editors (compared to 5 other well-known editors in that category) The interface is well organized, distraction-freel, and can be customized in all important aspects (background colors, font sizes etc for all screen regions) ZEN-coding, a syntax tree view, customizable shortcuts - it's got all necessary ingredients for an efficient workflow.

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