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  • I can't find the user manual. Does this work on a rooted Nvidia shield?

  • It works on the Odroid C1 Android Kitkat, so I'm happy.

  • Now I can even use my keyboard and mouse on my android tablet! Great!

  • Great.

  • Great job! I have some issues in the beginning but reading the USER GUIDE soon i find my problem was i wasn't using "non elevated mode" and learn about the Lock scroll button too. Thanks!!

  • Hi ! Not a geek here. I have successfully configured the Synergy Android apk and the desktop Synergy application both connecting withg each other... however, I cannot see the cursor on my Android, Can anyone please give me instuctions to do so, in order to use my keyboard on my phone ? Thanks .

  • Keep up the great work! You guys rock!

  • Love it! Having my Note II in a cradle next to my computer at home (Linux) or at work (Windows), and being able to just move my mouse to the left to check the WhatsApp or SMS that just came in, or apply some update from Google Play... etc. Hope the bugs can be ironed out very soon, and I'll be a power user of this app :) (I have already been using Synergy between Linux/Windows regularly, for years)

  • synergy for android is great app. Thank you!

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  • Synergyandroid is wonderful! Thanks.

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  • Android is Future! synergyandroid is great!

  • Cool project, thanks for showing!

  • Best soft in the niche.

  • Very useful tool, thanks!

  • I love this software!!!

  • not yet working on asus tf101 and Samsung Galaxy S II (both ICS)... keep developing, I really want this. actually I'm studying something like app development right now, so maybe I'll join you some time...

  • Works! Been wanting this for a while.

  • Android client is the next best thing for Synergy!

  • I'd really like to see this move forward as it's a no brainer for those that have multiple O/S's running at the same time

  • Really happy to see someone is developing this. I'm also hoping that bluetooth style mouse support will be available for tablets. While waiting for this I suggest people to try "Wifi Keyboard" from Android market. If you resize the browser window as small as possible you can click or alt-tab to it and use it's really nicely working keyboard support.

  • I can't use the latest version on asus tf101, i don't know why. I download the code and will test it. Thanks for the developer.

  • Android already has keyboard and mouse support for bluetooth. I use it all the time and I install synergy on every computer I get my hands on. I would love to have it on my tablet too. Would especially speed up development on the tablet! Keep up the great work!

  • I agree that they should mention or support this on the Synergy site. Lots of Android tablets out there could truly benefit from this wonderful idea.

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  • would really love to use synergy on my android device :) great idea to port this software, they should mention it on the synergy website!