Create Synchronicity is an easy, fast and powerful backup application. It synchronizes files and folders, has a neat interface, and can schedule backups to keep your data safe. Plus, it's open source, portable, multilingual, and very light (210kB).


  • Backup, Restore, Folder synchronization
  • Scheduling (daily, weekly, or monthly), with automatic catching up
  • Mirror / Incremental backups
  • User-friendly GUI, based on profiles
  • Network backup (LAN Backup)
  • GZip, BZip2 Compression
  • Translations in 15 languages
  • Absolute / Relative / UCN Paths
  • Precise inclusion and exclusion (regular expression, file type, full text)
  • Automatic translation of environment variables
  • Open source, GNU GPL code
  • Expert mode
  • Integrity checks (MD5 Checksums)
  • Dynamic destination folder (Date, Time)
  • DST correction
  • Extensive logging (txt or html)
  • Command-line interface
  • Batch synchronization
  • Fast backup
  • Folder duplication
  • Network File Transfer
  • Background scheduler

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User Reviews

  • Great files backup software

  • This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - simple and clean. Individual plans can be defined for each drive, then independently scheduled. Files are backed up as files, not in some compressed format. I was so happy I sent a small donation.

  • I use this daily to sync my main drive to my backup drive. It's the only one I've found that's trustworthy and does what needs to be done simply, efficiently and reliably. It's a real shame this isn't being developed anymore.

  • Excellent software! Instead of having two identical drives in RAID, i'm using it for my daily backups of important files! I recommend it ++

  • Easy interface that copies all of the files from one partition or folder to another partition or folder in either or both directions. Has a scheduler so you do do this daily, weekly, or monthly for each "profile", and only copies what needs to be updated. Very similar in function to RSYNC on Linux in concept. If you thought you were creating backups with Mirrored drives in Windows, and were dissapointed, with the performance and synching forever, this is a much better solution. You will actually have backup versions on another drive. Supports file creation time, last opened time, file hash verification (MD5), and file size. This is an undiscovered gem on sourceforge. If you clone your system drive this will give you multiple copies of your data, and you will have backups. If you want compression (zip) try the Winzip program which will cut about 20% of the size of your backup, but in reality this is all you need. Recommendation - move everything you can off your system drive, replace it with a small SSD (or a big one if you can afford it), put your data on one drive, backups on another, use synchronicity to backup your data files. Every week, clone your system drive, and test your clone.

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