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  • Exact same experience as the previous reviewer. Despite checking and rechecking the settings, SyncDocs is syncing folders into the root of my Google Drive versus the subfolders that they belong in. I sent a support form and email and was told by an agent that the problem was due to the view settings in Google Drive, which was absolutely false. In theory, it's great software, just know you won't get any support. Oh, and they're in Australia and don't have phone numbers listed.

  • I word of warning. Whilst Syncdocs is a functional product there doesn’t seem to be any support. I have had an issue for a few weeks now and after multiple emails to Syncdocs support I cannot get a response. So it seems the products is good unless you have an issue then you are on your own. It’s a shame as the product is usable but with no support it’s not a viable option.

  • Thanks for Syncdocs, it's the best!

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  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Thanks for Syncdocs, it's wonderful!

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  • syncdocs is fast and stable

  • Thanks syncdocs

  • Beware of Syncdoc Syncdoc has defaces all heathers and footers as well as most tables in several gig of documents. So far Syncdoc has only caused headaches, costly technician- and internet bills. The free version worked ok, but the minute we paid it all went downhill. First it stuffed up the first computer. It particiant the hard drive and messed up all my folders. Much worse is the damage it has caused on the mother computer, any document that has a heather, a footer or a table is stuffed. I am aware that things like this can happen do to conversion to Google docs. For that reason, we have chosen to up load all the files and folders as doc and not to use Google doc as the default office suite. I contacted Syncdoc and had a reply within an hour (impressive), but all they sent were a couple of links suggesting not to convert to Google doc format. That is exactly the point that it has not been set to convert to Google doc format (I already learned that the hard way). You can read the Syncdoc forum but you can not post, I wonder why!!! My verdict: Syncdoc is as a business proposition (paid version) is not to be recommended. It has cost me dearly and I want to warn everyone.

  • very good project

  • anyone using windows 7 having problem when double click or getting class errors, u need to restore your mime types. Download and change .jar command to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %*.. delete any other .jar in the list.. u should only have one. contact me at for further explaination.