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  • I needed a tool to replace a string in a bunch of RAW files in binary mode and found this tool. Very useful and also available for all the platforms I need it for. Documentations and examples makes it easy to use. Many thank.

  • great project, portable, easy to use, complete documentation... two thumbs

  • This project is not called Swiss File Knife for nothing. It is very powerful. And with that power you also get detailed built in help, for the many commands the tool offers - that is unmatched. Thank you very much for this truly excellent software.

  • Cool project! Thanks

  • Great

  • Surprisingly excellent software. A must have if you use a command line in windows.

  • Just compiled a Win32 version and had to activate mingw 4.7 32/64 as 4,8 stalled on the macros As usual the mingw exe outperformed the msvc build when fully portable cpu tuning was implemented. And a march, non portable cpu specific build made close to a joke of the MSVC exe The main #HPC tool rules in its later versions. Otherwise well written src in a nice structured/compounded way.

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  • Packs a punch for size. I have been using sfk for a while but recently had need to submit a bug request and received an acknowledgement, fix and commitment to correct in under a day. You don't get that with purchased apps!

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  • Interesting tool!! Other than this, One of the interesting tools that I found recently is DuplicateFilesDeleter.It is tool that can be used to find & remove duplicate files. It is a simple to use,but very effective tool to locate duplicate files in one or more selected search paths.It scans the files and compares them based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. You can then choose to delete the selected duplicate or original files. The program is multi-threaded which enhances the performance immensely & performs scans very quickly.You should try it.

  • great tool. But it cannot display file name that contains Chinese text.

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

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  • I recently discover this specific awesome oral appliance super content over it! recommen anyone, give thanks to a good deal with this

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  • One of the very best open source software. With very advance features.

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  • Good and useful software

  • Not recommended for advanced users. The server only works with the command line specific client because the command list is not standard, therefore other FTP clients will not work regarding server-side commands (eq: you cannot transfer multiple directories or a directory structure using a visual FTP client because the MKD command is not recognized!). Another bad thing is that you cannot set a range for server-side ports, the creation of them starts at 1024 (you cannot set a range like 40000-40200 if you need because of router settings (in fact, the FTP server assume that your computer is directly connected to internet and your firewall trust 100% this application). More of that, the FTP active mode is not working as the standard presume. All this make the application a bunch of nice ftp utilities, but a very primitive ftp server.

  • really great tool, thanks

  • thanks for this great software.

  • The best file utility I've used - simple, powerful, and efficient. Thanks

  • I like it! Thanks

  • Great job, thanks a lot for writing!

  • easy to use!

  • good job

  • That is exactly what i was looking for! Well done!

  • So easy, so powerfull ! Thanks.

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