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Maintenance Release. Read the changelist for details. Zip File Contents: 1. Binaries of Swiss File Knife Base, the multi function command line tool for Windows (95 to Vista) and Linux (current and old releases). 2. Sourcecode and build scripts of SFK Base, allowing compilation under Windows and Linux. 3. Some documentation, example and test files. If you are in a hurry and want only a single executable, download any of the following. NO INSTALLATION is required, the executables can be used instantly after download: sfk.exe Swiss File Knife for Windows. sfk-linux.exe SFK for current Linux distribs, like Ubuntu. sfk-linux-lib5.exe SFK for older Linux distribs, like DSL. NOTE: All executables have the version number in their filename for clarity. You should rename them after download for easy use: sfknnn.exe -> sfk.exe sfknnn-linux.exe -> sfk sfknnn-linux-lib5.exe -> sfk under linux, also add "chmod +x sfk" afterwards. if unzipping fails on some linux distributions, download the current unzip from ================================= Revision 2: - fix: sfk copy: stop of copy by CTRL+C produced a garbage file with wrong content. Under windows, the file has the same size as the original, but incomplete content (md5 over both files tells the difference). Now, if sfk is stopped by CTRL+C within a file copy, it produces a warning "copy stopped, cleanup done". - fix: sfk ftp server and client: stop by CTRL+C during a file transfer produced garbage file without cleanup in some cases. - add: sfk udpsend to send udp messages. Initial Release: - FIX: sfk select -withdirs, -justdirs: if a path mask is given like in -dir mydir *mymask* then all sub folders of mydir were listed. now only matching sub folders are selected. - fix: sfk ftpserv: unexpected forbidden path during transfer of files with "..." in their name. - fix: sfk ftpserv, httpserv: cleanup of files where transfer was interrupted or incomplete. - add: sfk late: alias for sfk list -late. - add: sfk version: option -number to print only the whole version number of a binary. - add: sfk require to check versions in a script. - add: sfk ftp: support for username/pw authentication. - add: sfk ftp: -nohead now also disables the message "using SFK_FTP_PW for authentication". - chg: sfk patch: max lines per target file changed from 50000 to 500000. - fix: compile warnings about unused return codes. - fix: missing progress output on FTP send/receive.
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