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Maintenance Release. Read the changelist for details. Zip File Contents: 1. Binaries Swiss File Knife Base, the multi function command line tool for Windows (95 to Vista) and Linux (current and old releases). 2. Sourcecode and build scripts of SFK Base, allowing compilation under Windows and Linux. 3. Some documentation, example and test files. If you are in a hurry and want only a single executable, download any of the following. NO INSTALLATION is required, the executables can be used instantly after download: sfk.exe Swiss File Knife for Windows. sfk-linux.exe SFK for current Linux distribs, like Ubuntu. sfk-linux-lib5.exe SFK for older Linux distribs, like DSL. NOTE: All executables have the version number in their filename for clarity. You should rename them after download for easy use: sfknnn.exe -> sfk.exe sfknnn-linux.exe -> sfk sfknnn-linux-lib5.exe -> sfk under linux, also add "chmod +x sfk" afterwards. if unzipping fails on some linux distributions, download the current unzip from ================================= - add: sfk file transfer: SFT protocol 103 no longer uses md5 verify by default for faster transfer. it is assumed that TCP mechanisms below provide checksum verifications already. to use verify now, specify option -verify at the client. - add: multi file transfer: no. of seconds info. - add: sfk sftserv -rwany: alias for -rw -anysize -deep. - add: sfk filter -tabform to split and reformat tab separated data easily. - add: sfk list: option -flattime to list filetimes in a compact format like YYYYMMDD hhmmss for better post processing. - add: sfk list: option -tabs to separate columns produced by -time and -size with tab characters, for post processing by +filter -tabform ... - add: sfk list: help example on how to rename all .jpg in a folder to include their file time. - CHG: invalid time representation: whenever a time was unreadable or not calculated, it was shown as "99991231235959" or "9999-12-31 23:59:59". the new display for invalid time stamps is "19000100000000" or "1900-01-00 00:00:00". - CHG: sfk detab: now skips files larger than the default memory limit (300 MB). use option -memlimit=n to detab larger text files. - add: sfk detab: handling of general options like -nowarn for more quiet operation. - fix: sfk filter -cut * to pattern: if pattern was not found, produced empty text. now this is detected, and either the file is not rewritten at all, or processing is stopped. option -nocheck enforces old behaviour. - fix: sfk dupfind: stopped at first unreadable file. now it skips those files and continues. - fix: sfk dupfind: added out of memory checks. - fix: missing out of memory message on creation of many file objects in memory. - fix: sfk detab: text files containing NULL bytes after the first 4 kbytes were truncated, now they are skipped. - fix: sfk file transfer: unexpected forbidden path by ftp server due to ".." within path names. - fix: sfk replace: wrong info display for >2 billion hits. - fix: some help text typos. - fix: added parameter check for internal functions. - opt: sfk file receive with verify: checksum was calced twice, wasting cpu time. - del: deprecated functions synctext, maptext removed.
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