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  • essential!

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  • This is far and away the fastest desktop search that I have ever used. Not as feature rich as the defunct Exalead One, but it more than makes up for that in raw speed. Now, about the name, it might be too easily confused with malware that goes by the same name.

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  • SwiftSearch is aptly named; it provides nearly instantaneous results in my system, which is an X58/i7-970 PC running Windows 10 64-bit with a total of 8TB of data present in a mix of large and small files. I approve of the feature that double-clicking on a file's name opens the folder containing the file then highlights the file; if one wishes to open the said file, it is necessary at that point only to press the <return> key. My only wish is for the ability to search mapped network drives.

  • انا استعمل البرنامج للبحث السريع وكذا ايجاد الملفات الكبيرة في جهازي :3 great app !!! , i use it for instance search and find duplicates big files in my drives. ^_^

  • عالیییییی

  • Five stars for being the fastest search tool and for being freely available, on top of that. I would prefer smaller icons and single-line data for the date columns, so that each file occupies a single line rather than 2 lines. I feel that would be easier to read and more consistent.

  • Great tool! I use it almost every day. The problem with crashing under Win 7 seems to have gone away. I'm now using it under 8.1 and it does an excellent job.

  • Excellent fast search program. Developer really put serious effort in getting it to work right. Impressed!

  • I had high hopes for SwiftSearch after it was highly recommended in a reputable computer magazine that I subscribe to, but after downloading it I found that the first few times it ran on my x64Bit Windows 7 Home Premium Edition laptop it ran perfectly except for the fact that each time I tried to run it, I was asked by Windows to give my permission for it to run/load. Once loaded I found that the program more than lived up to its title as it was indeed a swift search that found the file I set it looking for in a fraction of the time that the usual Windows search tool took to find the same file in the same location on my computer. Brilliant! However, after around a dozen or so searches, SwiftSearch began to stop responding while in search mode and the repeatedly crashed on me. I deleted the program and downloaded it once again from the official SourceForge download page for SwiftSearch opting for the newer version 3.0 in the hope that this would resolve the "not responding" and subsequent crashing glitch but was really upset to find that I was still being asked for permission to allow the program to run and then to find that when SwiftSearch did run it crashed straight away each time I tried to use it!! Sadly, what seemed like an excellent program initially, SwiftSearch's glitches make it unusable and my starred rating of one star seems overly generous in the extreme for me. IMHO, SwiftSearch has so much potential but the fact that I could not get it to run without giving it permission and then the ensuing "not responding" glitch which was followed by the program crashing means it deserves NO stars from me in actuality. That said, because of its potential, I will keep checking back with SourceForge for future SwiftSearch updates and will certainly download it in a future incarnation of the promise that it briefly showed me during its initial dozen or so searches.... Oh, and just for the record, I encountered the same problem(s) trying to run the program on two separate x64Bit Windows 7 Home Premium Edition laptops for comparison's sake. ******* UPDATE: Hi Mehrdad, Thanks for your response to my review. As you requested, I have downloaded the latest version of your SwiftSearch program and I am experiencing problems with it before I even get it installed.... Having tried to download the updated version of SwiftSearch on my WinXP PC I cannot connect to any of the download servers to complete the download? I initially connect and then the download ceases - not good at all when you consider that I can otherwise access the Internet perfectly well on this machine. Trying to download the program onto my 64bit Win7 laptop is much easier and the download is successful but when I run the installer I keep getting the following error message: C:\Users\My User Name\Downloads\SwiftSearch v4.1 [01-02-2015]\SwiftSearch.exe is not a valid Win32 application. No matter what I try, I simply cannot get SwiftSearch to install and that being the case, I cannot amend my earlier review. In fact, as I cannot even run the program, then my review is LESS favourable than its initial posting and that is quite sad because SwiftSearch showed so much promise when it was running but that promise has dissipated into deep disappointment. I really WOULD love to be able to run the program, but it seems that I am destined not to do so for the foreseeable future.....

  • Hi, SwiftSearch in French... Here the french translation: Best regards Colok

  • Searching is quick enough. I like the clean and simple interface. Pretty much what I am looking for, but..... If after a search I leave it in the background for a few minutes it eventually crashes. In fact, it bogs my system horribly to where I can barely use my computer. Running on Win 7 32 bit. 3 Stars due to the crash, would be 5 stars though if the bug is found.

  • Compared your software with Ultrasearch & Everything. Everything seems to be faster but its using USN Journal system which I assume is some sort of indexing and uses very little amount of memory. Ultrasearch search MFT like SwiftSearch but is slower, results from searching a particular file ends up with UltraSearch using over 500MB memory while SwiftSearch using over 800MB memory. I think if the memory usage can be reduced it would definitely better than UltraSearch.

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  • Doesn't really like Win7 x64. By this I mean that on my Windows 7 64-bit PC SwiftSearch crashes and displays the "SwiftSearch.exe has stopped working" message. When I click the View problem details button, the following is displayed: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: SwiftSearch.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5249525d Fault Module Name: SwiftSearch.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 5249525d Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0003f068 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 I hope this is helpful.

  • Crashed on my Win7-64bit machine, shortly after showing the gui

  • UPDATED: A few days after leaving my first comments I got an email from the developer saying that he added the feature I wanted! Amazing developer and amazing program. 5 stars all the way. First Comments: I wish it would search every drive at once. Really defeats how awesome and fast it is to have to change the drive letter over and over again. 5 Stars when that's fixed.

  • This works under Win7PE too! This would be even better if you could use Ctrl+A to select more than one result file and then copy them all using right-click - Send To. At the moment you can only copy one file at a time. Would also be nice if there was a drop-down list for file types; e.g. video files, audio files, image files, so I could type in *fred* and select 'video files' and it would find all files with an extension used by video files (.avi,.mp4, etc.). This kind of search is hard to set up using reg expressions. Would also help if it had a MRU list so we could use previous searches. P.S. A 64-bit version would be useful so we can run it under WinPE 64-bit OS.

  • Fantastic; Is there a commandline version to be expected?

  • Incredibly FAST... No need to install because it just runs and provides results instantly. I've used many search apps and without doubt SwiftSearch is the fastest and better still, SwiftSearch does not need to index any files on your computer because it uses the MFT and results are instant like the developer claims. The SwiftSearch file is very small and does not need installation like I said earlier so its perfect to put on a USB drive and take with you in case you may want to work on someone's computer. I will definitely use and recommend SwiftSearch! A BIG Thank you to the developer!

  • When i saw this, i though "ugh another boring program that 'searches'" When I tried it, i was totally surprised how fast it was! And by fast I mean faster than google searching the internet! (And yeah i have fiber internet @50mbps!)

  • WTF?! What a crappy description... "Searches NTFS drives 100x faster than light" is correct Insane is just too slow... I've simply waited the release of "Return" and my whole drive popped up!! WTF! Good job!