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  • I really liked the previous version. But installing the actual version put the Astromenda adware on my computer although I explicitely DECLINED to install any other software then SH3D. I took me 2 hours to clean my system. Don't install!

  • Installs spyware/adware (Zonealarm). Attempts to trick you during install time by drawing the radio button as "greyed-out" (non-selectable). Do not use this program, as it places your computer at risk.

  • Auto-installs malware/adware. Negates any benefit of the main software.

  • This is good software and has been very useful - but the installer tries to trick you into installing malware that is very hard to remove. The authors should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Download won't complete

  • The software crashed as soon as I opened it for the first time and dragged a bathtub to the drawing area. Additionally, it contains an ad-revenue program embedded (OpenCandy) which makes it adware and not freeware. I accept adware as long as it is well described before downloading (which, in my opinion, is not the case for Sweet Home 3D). In short, the program crashes as soon as I used it and contains an embedded ad-revenue software - this makes it very close to a virus in my view.

  • The Windows installer for this program also installed AVG SafeGuard toolbar on my wife's laptop, which changed many of our web browser settings, will not allow us to change them back to our preferences, and will not uninstall, even by directly running AVG's Uninstall.exe. AVG entries are now all over the Windows registry, and being a Linux user, I'm not comfortable messing with that monstrosity. I'm rating this down at one star because of this mess. In all other respects, this is a great program, but there is no moral excuse for an installer that sneaks additional software past people who might have missed the checkbox (which my wife did) that changes your settings and can't be uninstalled. That's just immoral. I know you gotta make money, but these kinds of things MUST be opt-in only and never opt-out by default.

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  • one of the best interior design application I used in my life! Thanks!

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  • Instaling crapware (TuneUp)

  • Just don't like the White Smoke Toolbar, it seems to be quite bad burden if someone accidentally installs it. Otherwise really nice project.