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  • Hallo in die Helferrunde! Wie kann man das fertige Sweethome-Projekt - das Haus - in Google oder als https oder auch mit einem anderen Programm präsentieren? Kann man NUR am eigenen PC erstellen, anschauen und sich daran erfreuen? Export zu HTML5 funktioniert nicht! Neues Java ist installiert. Wer weiß was? Bin seit Stunden auf der Suche, doch vergebens. Herzliche Grüße von Gitta

  • i like this programm, used it years ago. But i miss f.e. other types of stairs and windows

  • Great Application, but miss somethings !

  • Очень мало вариантов мебели. Телевизор из прошлого века. Хочется больше дизайнерских идей: наклейки на стены, художественные панели, барная стойка, кухонные шкафы, диваны разных моделей, цветов, фактур, римские шторы и т.д.

  • Very good free tool to use and design your house. Easy to use for a new user. With external 3dmodels and textures it is a very advanced tool competing with expensive software. Only option I really miss is ability to create a roof.

  • Almost perfect for planning a new home ;-)

  • Almost all of us do have an idea of how we like to have "our" own design in the sense of room dimension, room/furniture layout and interior decor. Like to scribble on lots of papers to work out that dream?............Sweet Home 3D is one of the most easiest FREE software to implement your idea. Start with a floor plan, create your walls, place your furniture, fit your doors and windows, fit your lights, label the room - do all of this on a 2D plan view with a live 3D view port (can be part of the main window which will take up screen space, or use a pop up to use it like a small preview screen). Change your room dimensions easily with hold&drag a wall. Updating the floor plan is easier with the auto assist in showing the alignment. Create multiple floors without hindrance. So many free objects are available for download which adds meaning to your design - be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, kids room, outdoor, etc. Use a properties window of the selected item to modify for desired size, color, texture or placement..........Finally to see a nice picture of what you have created - use the photo or video option to create a computer aided virtual snap shot/guided tour with realistic lighting. As in most paid softwares that provide "realistic view" rendering, it takes a CPU with multi-cores to work out the scenes faster. Don't be surprised, for a well designed plan you worked out, it might take 30 mins for a photo or 35 hours for a video in high quality..........I'm currently having a laptop with an Intel Pentium Core2Duo processor, 3 GB Ram, OS: Win7 Home premium 64bit on which Sweet Home 3D runs without any issues. Every aspect of using the software is smooth without any errors. Its just the rendering photo-video feature which is an excellent visual tool added in this free software. Use an Intel i7 or AMD FX processor to get lesser rendering time. Xeon or Opteron for those who want to take this software seriously for the rendering in shortest possible time..........As of now there is no GPU support, so graphics card is not a factor in the rendering process. The normal 3D view port provided in the main window uses the graphics card for live rendering in a lower quality format which is meant to assist your visualization on the main 2D plan view.........For new object-deign concepts or textures, you might have to find someone who can create it and have it easily imported through the menu. The forum seems to be a very helpful one to guide you in the right direction. Or learn to make one through the provided editors.......Its possible you might be looking for a sloping wall, or a raised outdoor ground surrounding the site location or a sloping roof or a curved wall. They are made possible. Some directly, others with learning to re-interpret the use of a level on a floor plan or split walls etc........... From what I have read from old time users, Sweet Home 3D has come a long way in adding features which are desirable and efficient which is truly enjoyable to use..........The use can be extended to design your local community center/hall, help centers, home offices, school, clinics - guess imagination is the limit.

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  • Very user friendly, but the interface is a bit buggy

  • This graphics design program is useful and produces high quality graphics, but it is buggy.

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