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  • I Really assume this app the perfect software I at all times tried! => check this webiste for Free keys :

  • I honeslty think this software the perfect program I at all times tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • Awesome! With no previous knowledge, within 2 hours a simple model can be made from a floorplan, including basic furniture. Great tool!, simple to use

  • The best for free.


  • Fantastic !

  • Отличное бесплатное приложение для несложного моделирования и проектирования

  • Hallo in die Helferrunde! Wie kann man das fertige Sweethome-Projekt - das Haus - in Google oder als https oder auch mit einem anderen Programm präsentieren? Kann man NUR am eigenen PC erstellen, anschauen und sich daran erfreuen? Export zu HTML5 funktioniert nicht! Neues Java ist installiert. Wer weiß was? Bin seit Stunden auf der Suche, doch vergebens. Herzliche Grüße von Gitta

  • After updating to a recent version and a little study, a useful tool.

  • I have used commercial products, that had more base objects, but the no-crash fast performance of this application is fantastic. It is very easy to use. Cannot thank the developers enough. Great job.

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  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it and very useful tool to have available, thank you.

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  • Best home design program I've ever used and I've used a lot. Turbo Home Plan, Sketchup, SmartDraw and many, many more. Not only is Sweet Home 3D intuitive to use in so many ways, but you can also import models from the 3D Sketchup library, meaning a virtually endless supply of designs. If I had any criticism I would say it's limited on being able to add mechanical and engineering levels like plumbing and electrical. I would happily pay for an advanced version.

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  • It is an easy and quick tool to work with.

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  • Nice

  • This french designer for home is the best user friendly and intuitive project that i have tested . Simple , with a full library of items , and very easy to use . If you have a problem , the develloper dont hesitate to tell you how to solve it . This proram can be improved over time and work , but it do the work exactly as we might expect

  • Install sweethome3d OFFLINE on BeeFree OS using wizard. Excellent

  • Excellent Software to plan the layout of a house. We are now planning to built a new house (a real one), so this software is very helpful to find the perfect layout. The feature to change the size of the furniture is just awesome, so you can easily adopt furniture from the library to the size you need. All changes done in 2D are directly shown in 3D and the feature to walk around in 3D is just fantastic. You can download the software for free and directly use it. Since I am very satisfied and the software helps us a lot a donation is just a logical consequence. Thanks a lot to provide this software.

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  • The project is just awesome! Many thank to the authors!

  • Outstanding ! Easy to use and it seems to have a great deal of features and possibilities. This is all new to me and I find it very involving and entertaining.

  • Requires obsolete Java package. This thing needs to be rewritten to free it from dead third-party dependencies. I won't saddle my system with deprecated junk.

  • Sweet Home 3D Rocks !!

  • The software is awesome. It is very easy to work with, even a newbie can easily start working with it and understanding things quickly. There are some features lack still there which is need to be improved. For example I got difficulty in drawing custom stair case for my home. An option must be given to the user that he may draw stairs as he draw a wall. Also another feature I think is not there or may be it is there but not easy to figure out how to use it, is the option to draw a home little bit higher than the ground level. Using different heights for one room to another.

  • Just brilliant - easy to use, very very intuitive

  • Easy to use, works well within it's design objectives.

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