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  • Please, Please wouldt some one make a svxlink with a grafical user interface. Many people like echolink on windows, but programming the svxlink in the pi is a pain jn the ass. Please design a grafical svxlink for the non programmers, Qtel sucks, it has no -L. SVXLINK WITH GUI

  • Wouldt love to see a SvxLink with grafical user interface. Qtel is not for -L . Please build one with a grafical user Interface for the rpi 3 raspbian.

  • Just cloned this source (14.08) on a Raspberry Pi B, compiled and have it running as an Echolink node hooked up to a repeater. Works great so far with about a week of uptime.

  • I use Qtel and it's definetly a great software, solid five stars. Haven't used svxlink, so can't rate that. Thanks!

  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Hello, I'm looking for Patrick F1SMF who created this. I created a tar 'sounds-fr_FR-heather-11.o5' with a script to choose 8K or 16K, or I should meter for it to be available to all on the site please 73 F1SMF Patrick, If you could guide me to where I could find this. Merci. François VE2DTK Québec

  • I wanted an Echolink for linux. Dowloaded version 090426. Could not compile it. Found patch on Internet. That failed also. Downloaded current version 11.11.1. That could not be compiled as well. Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Finally found a site on the web with better instructions. Many libraries had been left out of the original documentation. Finally got it compiled after three days of research and work. Even got it installed. But I cannot find the executable file so I cannot get it to run. Have spent the last two days trying to find it. The startup command, from the docs, is ./qtel &. My system says command does not exist. No help in docs. No where does it tell you how to start the program. Reached out for help to the author. No response after four days. Tried forums. Therte aren't any. Tried Old Nabble. Still cannot post there, registration difficult. No help available from Sourceforge. Oh by the way you can only see positive reviews on Sourceforge. Good luck installing this poorly documented package. It's not worth the effort to get it running. I'm giving up. If somebody wants to help I can be reached at N3MOW@ARRL.NET

  • A great software, is running here for some years with a lot of features. It's a pleasure for me to contribute some code for this project. Thank's es vy 73's de Adi

  • A great alternative to Echolink Windows. However, tricky to install and setup. Too many different LINUX flavors with different structures. It can be quite a challenge. Would be great if the install and setup was a little easier. Though, thank you Tobias, one it works it does work....

  • Repeater controller with all needed features, for free!