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How to use

Install required tools.

svg2pdf.bat uses:

  • Inkscape
  • pdftk

It assumes they have been installed as the installers recommended, i.e., their default setting. If you installed Inkscape at somewhere different from "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\inkscape.exe", you need configure in svg2pdf_file.bat. pdftk must be available as a command in terminal (DOS prompt).

Locate the batches.

Unzip and put them all in the same directory.

Prepare a project directory.

As an example, let us call the directory "myProj". "myProj" should contain the followings:

  • A directory named as "pdf"
  • svg files to be converted named as "myProj*p*.svg", like "myProj_p1.svg", "myProj_p2.svg", ...

Drag and drop "myProj" onto "svg2pdf.bat".

You'll see the batch conducts some commands. After the execution stopped, type some key to finish the batch.

Check the "pdf" directory.

The batch outputs separated pdf files and merged one. If the merged "myProj_inkscape.pdf" exists, you have done. That's it!

Technical explanation

svg2pdf [project_dir]

This calls svg2pdf_all and merge the result files by pdftk.

svg2pdf_all [input_path] [output_dir]

The 1st parameter input_path can include wild card like "some_model*.svg". This batch converts svg file(s) to pdf file(s) one by one, using svg2pdf_file. The destination is supposed by the 2nd parameter.

svg2pdf_file [svg_file] [pdf_file]

This batch converts a svg file to a pdf file by Inkscape. You can configure dpi value in this file (the default is 300).

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