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Sutekh 0.8.0rc2 (2011-08-17)

Sutekh 0.8.0rc2 is the second release candidate for Sutekh 0.8.0.

Sutekh 0.8.0rc1 was the first release of Sutekh in more than a year. The long delay was partially the result of the demise of the White Wolf website which Sutekh used as the source of most of its card data and to the arrival of some significant new features (including a re-written filter dialog and a new profile system for changing how decks are displayed).

Instructions for installing Sutekh can be found at:

Sutekh can be downloaded from Sourceforge at:

This is the second release candidate for Sutekh 0.8 -- please test it and provide feedback!

Issues may be reported by emailing sutekh-users@lists.sourceforge.net.

Known Issues

  • No known issues at this stage.

Notable Improvements

  • Card text, icons and other data that was read from the old White Wolf site is now downloaded from VEKN.net.
  • Additional card data not available from VEKN.net (e.g. Nergal and Cultist storyline decks, pre-constructed starter decks, White Wolf demo decks) may optional be read from Sutekh's own site.
  • A completely re-written filter dialog.
  • A profile editor for adjusting how individual decks are displayed.
  • Improved support for uploading and downloading decks to and from the Secret Library.
  • New plugins for: * importing CSV files * displaying statistics on printed expansions and * snapshotting decks (primitive version control). * displaying decks for cutting and pasting into V:EKN forums.
  • Rulebook plugin now downloads a more extensive set of rulebooks (including various FAQs, the official tournament rules and guidelines for judges).
  • Explicit support for cards not legal for tournament play.
  • Re-organized menus.
  • Ability to minimize open decks to a toolbar.
  • Improved support of ARDB text and HTML files.
  • Numerous speed improvements.
  • New configuration file format (this should be largely transparent to users).
  • The Windows build now uses Python 2.6.
  • User interface improvements to the dialog for downloading rules and card lists.


17 Aug 2011
  • Make downloading official card lists the default when updating the card list.
  • Disable, rather than hide, the file buttons when "download card list" is selected.
  • Tweak layout and improve descriptive text of update cardlist dialog, and make headings bold.
  • Disable backup option when importing card lists for the 1st time
16 Aug 2011
  • Add plugin showing text versions of the card set, to make cutting and pasting easier
15 Aug 2011
  • Add exporter to nicely format card sets for the V:EKN Forums
  • Add Creed to ARDB HTML & Text output
11 Aug 2011
  • Add special "retain selection on single click" selection behaviour of card sets to filter value lists.
02 Aug 2011
  • Add support for select-all in card set lists
  • Make Analyze plugin more robust against missing keywords in the database
28 Jul 2011
  • Cleanup config listeners created by the menu
27 Jul 2011
  • Make Analyze plugin fail more gracefully in the presence of a incomplete database
  • Warn user if database appears incomplete
23 Jul 2011
  • Further debian/ubuntu packaging improvements
20 Jul 2011
  • Add helper script for building Debian packages
  • Add copyright to debian packaging
  • importing SutekhInfo directly in setup.py to simplify build dependencies for building debian packages.
01 Jul 2011
  • Disable Unity's shifting of menubars to the appmenu since it eats the pane menus
30 Jun 2011
  • Various minor markup fixes to the docs
  • Update version number in manual
26 Jun 2011
  • Add support for including and installing the appropriate MS C runtime library package to the NSIS installer.
23 Jun 2011
  • Use drag_*_set methods rather than the enable_model_drag_* ones. Needed for dragging in the filter dialog to work on windows with recent gtk versions. See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641924. Fix highlight juggling to work with these changes.
  • Add gio to py2exe's list of required modules - needed for pygtk 2.16.
  • Tweak Wine build script to use Python 2.6.
22 Jun 2011
  • Add has_children utility helper to card sets.
  • Add checkbuttons for storyline and demo decks. Improve logic around overwriting existing card sets.
  • Document starter deck download checkboxes. Add note about the extra cardlist file.
19 Jun 2011
  • Add configobj to rpm deps.
  • Fix bug with querying config too early in rulebook plugin.
  • Ensure we properly write the stub config file, so our config fiddling does the right thing.
  • Tweak IO error handling to work with ElementTree 1.3.
  • Bump required SQLObject version to 0.16 for Fedora 15.
  • Tweak signal handler signature to work with SQLObject 0.15.
  • Handle truncated card list better.
  • Bump minimum gtk version to 2.16, since we require some later features now.
17 Jun 2011
  • Make rulebook plugin use config key for rulebook path. Tweak test setup code to stub in rulebook path.
16 Jun 2011
  • Re-write rulebook plugin to download a rulebook data pack from the Sutekh Wiki or local Zip file.
14 Jun 2011
  • Add Title as keyword
11 Jun 2011
  • Rework ZipFileWrapper so writing zip files of partial selections is easier
06 Jun 2011
  • Workaround 'Anarchs and Alastors' promo-entry oddness
  • Workaround AaA change in card images plugin
03 Jun 2011
  • Start of DataPack utility routines
  • Move StarterDeckInfo to new DataPack functions
01 Jun 2011
  • Renable CSV import plugin. Tweak import_cs to support this
26 May 2011
  • Tweak test_writeELDBInventory test to make errors more discoverable
  • Fix missing text cases for 'Smite' and 'Hide the Heart'
  • Add more test data
  • Remove obselete WW html parser
23 May 2011
  • Add missing config file validation - fixes values not being converted properly issues
21 May 2011
  • Add support for storyline expansions to Card Images plugin
  • Fix "An X.." name handling in Card Images plugin
20 May 2011
  • Fix cardimage download url
19 May 2011
  • Add sect stats to analyse plugin
17 May 2011
  • Document filter dialog keyboard shortcuts
16 May 2011
  • Add focus switching keyboard shortcut's to filter editor
12 May 2011
  • Fix bitbucket url
06 May 2011
  • Nicer error handling for errors when updating card lists
05 May 2011
  • Fix WW card count plugin to correctly handled some corner cases around filters including the 'None' expansion
  • Strip markup from entries read from the gtk.TreeStore in the filter, so they match the contents of the box model
04 May 2011
  • Fix bug with keyboard pasting in list filters
04 Apr 2011
  • Change rulings parser to use rulings from the v:ekn site
28 Mar 2011
  • Prevent test suite prompting to download icons
27 Mar 2011
  • Change to using icons from v:ekn site
16 Mar 2011
  • Change over to using the text card list parser
  • Fix ARDB export to match changes due to using text data
  • Update docs and help to refect change to use text parser
  • Fix FELDB homepage reference
18 Mar 2011
  • Add parser for the text file version of the card list
  • Add test data for text card list parser
16 Mar 2011
  • Sort CardSetManagementModel so tests pass with postgresql 8.4
15 Mar 2011
  • Expose CardNameFilter in sutekh module
04 Mar 2011
  • Add non-unique keyword
  • Fix 'blood cursed' checks
03 Mar 2011
  • Add mortal keyword to Imbued
23 Feb 2011
  • Add cleanup calls to gui card lookup, to remove stale profile listeners
22 Feb 2011
  • Fix bug in ARDBTextParser that could cause the description to be lost
18 Feb 2011
  • Fix bug in ARDBTextParser when dealing with names and authors containing ':'
  • Improve handling on incorrectly encoding card set names
17 Feb 2011
  • Make card set importing a bit more robust against encoding issues with the file
  • Add warning dialogs for encoding issues
  • Fix bug when dealing with empty fields introduced by the encoding changes
15 Feb 2011
  • Handle another Crypt line variant in ARDBTextParser
14 Feb 2011
  • Fix ARDBTextParser to deal with card sets missing the description section
  • Fix bug in ARDBTextParser when encountering files with mixed spaces and tabs
10 Feb 2011
  • Fix bug that caused a converted rc file not to be written properly
  • Fix a bug with extra columns in the card set view when no card sets are shown
09 Feb 2011
  • Fix bug with profile menus not updating properly for all open copies of a card set
08 Feb 2011
  • Avoid unnecessary database changed signals when editing card set properties
  • Tweak display of the card set independence plugin when no expansions are shown
  • Beahve sensibly if only testing a single card set for independence.
07 Feb 2011
  • Sort 'No Card' entries first in GuiCarLookup
  • Bold 'No Card' entires, to be more visible
  • Fix cursor behaviour when the card lookup dialog is sorted.
  • Tweak ARDBTextParser to be a bit more liberal
  • Fix bug with ARDBTextParser missing advanced vampires
05 Feb 2011
  • Fix issue with double quotes in crypt cards when uploading to the Secret Library
  • Show inherited profile settings as a tooltip in the profile editor
  • Make GuiCardLookup a bit more robust against non-unicode input
03 Feb 2011
  • Fix FilterParser to deal allow escaping quotes.
  • Add a helper function to display detail dialogs for and log exceptions
  • Convert to using the helper function in several place
01 Feb 2011
  • Display card sets in zip file in correct hierarchy.
  • Add check that config file is writeable during start up and warn the user
  • Add support for ignoring card expansion when testing card set independence
  • Add advanced as a keyword
  • Add a error dialog with details hidden in an expander.
  • Use details dialog for uncaught exceptions and errors writing the config file on exit.
31 Jan 2011
  • Support for forcing replace or automatic renames when importing card sets from a zip file
  • Add select all / unselect all buttons to zip file import dialog
  • Fix name escaping bug in zip file import dialog
  • Fix bug with renamed parents when importing from zip file
26 Jan 2011
  • Fix handling of author or Description is None when sorting on extra columns
  • Fix exception in Analyze deck plugin when the crypt size is 0
24 Jan 2011
  • Add hide/show illegal cards button to gui card lookup
  • Make best guess filter only look at legal cards
10 Jan 2011
  • Escape card set name properly in snapshot dialog
  • Fix some escaping issues in filter dialog
  • Escape card set name in plugins
30 Dec 2010
  • Fix corner case which led to missed crypt keywords
24 Dec 2010
  • Protect against ini-file and database being out of sync in fix_profile_map
21 Dec 2010
  • Finish test case for the filter model panes
18 Dec 2010
  • Fix bug with the parent count colour not being updated properly when editing
17 Dec 2010
  • Add CachedFilter, to improve speed of complex card set loads a bit
14 Dec 2010
  • Update cardset id -> profile map on major database changes
  • delete profile references when deleting a card set
  • Fix bug around deleting in-use profiles that also refer to card set ids that no longer exist.
  • Add 'snapshot cardset' plugin.
13 Dec 2010
  • Fix bug with reading parents and children from a zip file.
  • Add support for WW demo decks * Demo Rarity * Support for demo decks as seperate section in starter deck plugin
  • Report pane and card set names to the user when deleting in-use profiles.
09 Dec 2010
  • Add cleanup hook for the plugins
  • Fix bug with not properly using carefully constructed config in tests.
  • Fix a couple of resource cleanup bugs.
07 Dec 2010
  • Properly save and restore per-pane profiles settings.
  • Some test suite speed improvements
  • Keep scroll position when dragging card sets around in the card set list pane
06 Dec 2010
  • Fix bug in filter editor when dragging items out of the filter
  • Remove menu items made redundant by local profile support
04 Dec 2010
  • Import legacy config files from 0.6
  • Add basic 'Profile in use' detection when deleting profiles
  • Keyboard shortcut for pasting values/filters in filter dialog
  • Local profile support
  • avoid pyprotocols for speed in card set and card list models
02 Dec 2010
  • Reorder things in card set list model test to make more use of the cache
30 Nov 2010
  • Don't reload entire filter model on minor changes
29 Nov 2010
  • Hook up keyboard shortcuts to delete, disable and negate buttons
27 Nov 2010
  • Fix saving card sets to use the card set name
26 Nov 2010
  • Add "involves" method to filters, to save some work
  • Move physical_filter checks into Filters
  • Replace some references to "Physical Card Set" with "Card Set" in the UI
19 Nov 2010
  • More caching in card set list model
  • Restore card set list scroll position after opening a card set
18 Nov 2010
  • Limit direct access to the various mode variables in the card set model
  • Add complex cache test case & fix bug it uncovered
16 Nov 2010
  • Longer lived filter caching
15 Nov 2010
  • Use unicode normalisation when talking to Secret Library
  • Reorganise db signal handling - move code to CardSetListModel
  • Add some db signal tests
11 Nov 2010
  • More caching work
  • Ensure listeners are called before sorting list, for listeners that use cached information
10 Nov 2010
  • Fix restore_from_config to work with the closed frames.
  • Fix some other issues around the minimised frames being skipped as well
08 Nov 2010
  • Make changing to editable views slightly faster
05 Nov 2010
  • Subdivide card set list model tests a bit
03 Nov 2010
  • Remove check_editable in favour of explicitly specifying when card sets should be opened editable.
01 Nov 2010
  • Use bitbucket as source for extra_cards
  • Minor speed tweaks to card set list model
  • Add some tests with illegal cards shown and hidden
30 Oct 2010
  • Show OOT masters & trifles in Anaylze plugin
29 Oct 2010
  • Update README
  • Disable qlobject cache (?cache=False) by default.
  • Bump sqlobject requirement to include 0.14
28 Oct 2010
  • Fix WW card list to work with queued_reload
  • Minor speed savings, but removing some unneeded work
  • Batch child card query for speed
27 Oct 2010
  • Tweak HTML output when author isn't set
  • card count listener speedups
26 Oct 2010
  • Add tests for unset author case
  • Hide sqlobject differences in CardSetWrapper
  • Ensure we always include an author attribute in output, for compatability with older versions
  • Fix caching bugs
25 Oct 2010
  • Fix exception handling so we still work with sqlobject 0.9
  • Protect against author returning None with later sqlobject versions
24 Oct 2010
  • Cache some lookups, to improve card set list model speed
  • Fix queued_reloads to run.
  • Fix reloading card set twice on profile changes
  • Prepopulate abstract card to physical card mapping
  • Seperate out adaptor cache creation
  • Fix test breakage caused by changes
20 Oct 2010
  • Add discipline with level grouping
19 Oct 2010
  • Reorder card text in CardTextView. Card Text is now above rulings and expansion info
18 Oct 2010
  • Change discipline order in print-card cli option
  • Make sutekh fail a bit more robustly in the face of unicode input
17 Oct 2010
  • Sort disciplines in card text view to match the order printed on crypt cards
3 Oct 2010
  • Add WW Card Count plugin and docs
29 Sep 2010
  • Sort expansions when presenting list to select replacement from
25 Sep 2010
  • Avoid repeatedly reloading card sets on startup
24 Sep 2010
  • Consider expansions by default when comparing card sets
23 Sep 2010
  • Add test for the card set model config change handling
20 Sep 2010
  • WW Analysis plugins (Expansion Stats, Clan discipline stats) now only include illegal cards if the card list does
16 Sep 2010
  • Better visual hints when dragging filters and filter elements
15 Sep 2010
  • Improve dragging code - Most panes, except card text pane, can be dragged more easily - Document card text special case
  • Remove the no longer needed custom search dialog
08 Sep 2010
  • Add listeners so the menus are updated when the profile changes
  • Update docs to match current profile status better
02 Sep 2010
  • Add support for deleting profiles to profile management dialog
30 Aug 2010
  • Unbreak 0 card count case in the card count filter
29 Aug 2010
  • Show correct (copy action) symbol on drags
  • Fix drag_delete signature
20 Aug 2010
  • Add basic profile management dialog
19 Aug 2010
  • Show current profile when starting profile editor
18 Aug 2010
  • Fix bug in card set view column when reloading the database.
  • Tweak logging to display exceptions earlier, to handle cases involving the progress bar better.
  • Add support for both single & double quotes to filter parser (for commandline usage), with tests
17 Aug 2010
  • Add various options to the command line tool - support for running filters - print card set (using ARDB text format) - list the card sets
  • Unify zip dialog handling in plugins
16 Aug 2010
  • Fix download url for images from FELDB site
12 Aug 2010
  • Update docs
  • Tweak textile2html script to use tidylib if available
  • Add extra column icon mode to the profiles
11 Aug 2010
  • Allow dragging filter values onto any suitable filter
10 Aug 2010
  • Sort column options in the profile editor
05 Aug 2010
  • Pad various values in the filter editor so that sort better
  • Finish support for dragging values between filters of the same type
04 Aug 2010
  • Use custom drag icons to give more visual feedback when dragging objects
03 Aug 2010
  • Start implementing dragging filter values around
  • Use treeview methods for more visual feedback when dragging
02 Aug 2010
  • better fix of the empty filter group deletion / moving issue
  • Pylint driven cleanups
01 Aug 2010
  • Fix bug that led to filter groups disappering in the filter editor
  • Fix bug that made it impossible to delete some empty filter groups
  • Some pylint cleanups
31 Jul 2010
  • Remove some dead code
  • Pylint cleanups
27 Jul 2010
  • Start profile docs section
  • Remove some dead code
  • Remove 'card set extra columns' from menus (only changeable via profiles now)
22 Jul 2010
  • Unify the profile editors
  • Unify some of the profile menu handling code
21 Jul 2010
  • Fix bug that caused unnessecary appending of pane numbers to names
  • Fix bug wit left default profile entry in the menu incorrectly unselected when loading the profiles
20 Jul 2010
  • Add a profile type parameter to simplify profile code
18 Jul 2010
  • Add python-rsvg dependancy note
17 Jul 2010
  • Add shortcut for Equalize pane sizes
  • Change Pane menu accelerator to 'P'
16 Jul 2010
  • Simplify code for handling the 'hide illegal cards' option
  • Disable 'hide illegal cards' to improve test speed where appropriate
15 Jul 2010
  • Tweak filter for 'hide illegal cards' option to perfrom better with sqlite
  • Add some 'not for legal play' cards to the test data.
10 Jul 2010
  • Add Preference to show or hide illegal cards
08 Jul 2010
  • Add support for profiles for the card set list view
  • Hook up extra columns to the profiles
05 Jul 2010
  • Add profile support for the WW cardlist
  • Tweak starter deck display. Sort starters by expansion, then name
29 Jun 2010
  • Add GroupPairGrouping
24 Jun 2010
  • Display percentage in progress bar
  • Add support for reading extra cards from a file. Can be used for adding missing information or cards not in the WW cardlist (such as the storyline cards).
  • Change Analyze plugin to search for new "not for legal play" keyword, instead of banned text.
21 Jun 2010
  • Tweak display of mixed back info in Analyze plugin
  • Work-around some gtk+ versions clearing the author text field before we read it.
17 Jun 2010
  • Fix bug with dragging filters with no input widget out of the filter.
08 Jun 2010
  • Update help text for filter dialog.
04 Jun 2010
  • Optimise this_set_only + parent count case for small (deck-sized) card lists
03 Jun 2010
  • Add more tests to the FilterBox code
  • Fix pyprotocols interface check to work with newer pylint
01 Jun 2010
  • Avoid double load when restoring the grouping to a card set.
30 May 2010
  • Fix some fallout from the FilterBox changes
26 May 2010
  • Don't display special cases in library overview of AnalyzeDeck
  • Fix FilterBox code to work with empty filters.
25 May 2010
  • Split FilterBox code out of FilterEditor into seperate file - Add some basic FilterBox tests as well
21 May 2010
  • We drag values into the filter now.
05 May 2010
  • Reorganise the menu structure. - Combine all download operations under File->Data Downloads - Move backup to file - Create Analyze menu for analysis routines - Rename plugins menu to Other. - Hide, rather than diabling, the Other menu if it's empty
02 May 2010
  • Fix sutekh-cli --reload to work again - Use zip files, so we reload card sets in the correct order
  • Add watcher as a keyword
29 Apr 2010
  • Fix filter editor's display of card set filters (broken by description change)
28 Apr 2010
  • Rename CardFunction filters to be clearer
  • Add check_cs_size option for plugins - used by Analyze, CardDrawProbablities and OpeningHandSim plugins to query user when called on large card sets (like "My Collection")
  • Tweak CardDrawProbablities plugin to handle selections with 0 card counts better
  • Use filter descriptions everywhere in filter editor for consistency
  • Fix bug in setting first option in a profile
  • Filters that don't require input should not be treated as disabled by the filter editor
27 Apr 2010
  • Fix bug in dealing with gtk.Adjustments which could cause a crash when dragging fitlers into the filter editor.
25 Apr 2010
  • Ignore filter components with unset values.
  • Add a popup context menu for deleting/disabling filter components
  • Make default profile name not editable
  • Sort preference entries sensibly
  • Add partial support of extra columns to the profile editor
  • Initial work on local profile support
  • Tweak some filter names / disply issues
24 Apr 2010
  • Add support for saving filters with values
  • Add config file listener to plugins
  • Add groupings to profile preferences
22 Apr 2010
  • Avoid calling load twice for each card set on startup
  • Update old 'Blackhand' expansion name during upgrades
21 Apr 2010
  • Tweak Card Images plugin to prefer showing existing images more often
20 Apr 2010
  • Fix database upgrade code to also work with newer sqlobject versions
19 Apr 2010
  • Add menu options for choosing a profile
  • Mostly working profile editor
18 Apr 2010
  • Change filter dialog to a two-pane only layout
13 Apr 2010
  • Fix bug in parsing 'X from Y' filters
  • Initial profile editor dialog
10 Apr 2010
  • Add imbued FAQ to the Rulebook plugin
24 Mar 2010
  • Compress zipfile entries when creating zip files.
18 Mar 2010
  • Preserve any existing card set hierachy when importing the starter decks
11 Mar 2010
  • Add check button to toggle in use status to the Create/Edit card set properties dialog.
09 Mar 2010
  • Add the new tree-model based filter dialog.
  • Add plugin to determine some expansion & rarity stats.
08 Mar 2010
  • Change Card count filter to take multiple card sets as well as multiple counts.
  • Fix some bugs in the Card Set independence plugin.
  • Commit some of the less invasive changes required by the filter dialog rewrite.
Source: README.rst, updated 2011-08-17

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