Subtitles Synchronizer is a nice-looking, user-friendly program made to synchronize subtitles on a video. Whenever you're watching a video with time-shifted subtitles, you may simply pause it, quickly synchronize the subtitles with this tool and keep on enjoying your video.
Subtitles Synchronizer offers a polished user interface, with efficient synchronizing tools so that you spend as little time as possible synchronizing your subtitles to fully enjoy your favorite movie! You may even simply drag and drop the corrected subtitles in your media player to keep watching your video!
Subtitles Synchronizer gives you the tool to synchronize every subtitle file, no matter what makes your file time-shifted. Should your file be fragmented, with a different frame rate, or simply start at a different time, this tool allows you to correct any problem efficiently.
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  • Synchronize and edit subtitle files
  • Drag and drop corrected subtitles directly to your media player
  • Nice-looking, easy-to-user user interface
  • Synchronize subtitles quickly
  • Powerful synchronizing tools

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  • Not too useful, i need to separately open a player and figure out the timings myself. Saying that, is not much different than just edit the subtitles in the notepad. I hope the developer(s) add a function to play the video along with the subtitles (like the old "easy subtitles synchronizer").

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