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User Reviews

  • It's a good project, excellent graphics and great illumination, but driving is still hard in this game. It gives the sensation like if the car would be very light. btw it's a great game. keep on developing it. Congratulations

  • Excellent game!

  • UPDATE: 2/6/2015 Still easy to get this project up and running, and now it runs even better than before on Windows PC. Everything works perfectly. I don't understand what all the fuss is all about with the Linux guys (selection bias???). It wasn't so difficult for me. Took about 2 hours to get the newest release compiled. I'd like to get it running on Linux too, but at the moment I only have one limited notebook PC and not enough time to play with hobbies :( I love this project, and I wish I could help with porting to Windows, but as it stands, the project isn't as frustratingly impossible as the instructional would lead one to believe. It doesn't even take long to get going anymore, but it does have a few dependencies, so if you're in a rush, don't expect to get it compiled in 15 minutes. The Win32 build instructions aren't that bad, but read them carefully, and read ahead of the author's instructions so you don't get side track by their attempt to get you to build an improperly setup project due to simple-to-fix linker errors. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love this game, and it is my favorite. Stunt Rally is the best open indie game as far as I'm concerned, on Windows PC. Its easy to get the project up running in with a few simple mods to the project files (if you are patient with it). It is perfect just the way it is, with all the rough edges. It is really nice to learn about game programming from studying the code, because it does a lot and leverages power from several open source systems. It's a good starting base point for Ogre 3d enthusiast to re-purpose for other types of games and apps. The xml bindings, input system, sound, gui, etc, are easy enough to replace or modify with the systems of your choice. Plus, the guys on SR's IRC channel are really helpful and friendly.

  • Good

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  • Great app. can run without problem in my laptop

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French, Polish, Italian, English, German, Russian

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Developers, End Users/Desktop

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