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Feb 7, 2012 (woas-fix.html in fixes a macro bug that affected the built-in 'woas.note' macro and other minor changes, mostly to the password input screen. Also changed README file to warn against using 0.12.0.

Jan 7, 2012 (woas-fix.html in this version fixes some bugs, including some important ones, and adds some features. Please use the new file. The most important features are:

  • The page will now adjust to a title that extends beyond one line; content is no longer hidden.
  • The ability to adjust Print and Export CSS has been added, and the page title added to the Print window.

Please see the log file for more information. There are still some more changes to come, especially a more complete fix for Export.

Dec 7, 2011 (woas-fix.html in fixed bug I accidentally introduced that stopped file loading on certain JavaScript engines.


The woas-0.12.0 release has numerous bugs and issues, some of them causing file corruption, some just spoiling the look and use of this excellent tool. I am putting together a new release that fixes many of these issues before moving permanently to my new Woas project. I am trying to get this done ASAP as some recent changes really affect WoaS use with Firefox, the only browser that fully supports all (working) woas-0.12.0 features.

Most important issues

The issues below, along with many other smaller issues, have been fixed in the woas-fix.html file added to the file.

  • Firefox 7 has broken Special::Import and Special::ImportWSIF functions.
  • Java use (Chrome/Safari/Opera) can corrupt the wiki file.

Problems with this project

Unfortunately the project owner has been away from the project for a very long time, and is not answering my emails or using the code I have written to fix issues, and the official forums have been down for months (the reason I have decided to write this note). I only have authority to upload a file to this area and work in the SVN repository, but have not felt comfortable making major changes to the official code. I have therefore rather unwillingly forked this project.

My new project has no files or code and is not properly set-up yet, but I have written an initial blog entry. Right now I am focusing on making a final fixed release for this project (woas-0.12.0-pvhl) before moving on. I will be continuing the fix of WoaS 0.12.0 in my Legacy sub-project (that also has discussion forums and bug tracking, though not set up properly yet) and also slowly developing a new, redesigned Woas tool that has capabilities very similar to this WoaS project but as a subset of much more flexible and powerful features. It was the motivation to design and build this new tool that first led me to the WoaS project a few years ago.

Regards, Paul (PVHL, currently one of the WoaS developers).

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