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  • Awesome program. Constantly improving and evolving. Great community. Powerful scripting and options.

  • hi, support for x32??

  • Great

  • Très beau programme.

  • Nice program. I will use it.

  • all fine, except when ran the script to see the anlemma (path of sun through the year) program crashed.

  • I am using Stellarium now for about a year. It is absolutely ingenious to plan photographic sessions. It is easy to use, looks good and allow customisation to see what your setup is able to capture. I highly recommend Stellarium to anybody remotely interested in astronomy.

  • awesome

  • This project is wonderful. Even my 7-years brother love this program. You're great.

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  • Excellent Program for star gazing.

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  • Incredible software!

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  • cool, excellent, muy buena

  • Here is a very interesting planetarium software, very complete and accurate that will please to both the novice and the advanced amateur astronomer. I appreciate in particular the additional database of stars and DSO, the view at the eyepiece and the TLE of satellites. At this price, we cannot find a better product ! However, some details can be improved like the look of galaxies and the moon at the eypiece.

  • This program is not just amazing, it's inspiring! It not only let's me explore the night sky, even if it's rainy outside or to find and object when I do go out, but to plan my night's tour and if I choose, control my telescope in the process. It's accurate and a pleasure to look at and use! The most unbelievable part is - IT'S FREE. I sincerely mean it when I say: You cant get better then that!! Thank you so much, Remo Carbetta Mansfield, Ohio

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  • Excelente programa, muy recomendable.

  • So beautiful! I've been using Stellarium for years, it's so well done...thank you for all your hard work & time spent *^^)b

  • Amazing simulation of the atmosphere. I was stunned by the lunar eclipse on 15 March 2014. The moon was freaking realist.

  • tres chouette programme, je suis astronome amateur et je m'en sers souvent grand merci !!! les gens qui se plaignent du "support" ou qui pensent que c'est un programme Windows ... sans commentaire :)

  • Não é como diziam , me fararam que dava para ver o universo em tempo real , futuro e passado Sem falar em Constelações e também me falaram que dava para para ver ex Vênus pela superfície de Marte

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  • Stellarium really allows you to personalize your experience, and I never thought someone would go as far as letting you stargaze from Saturn. It's a little confusing on who this is meant for though, based on its kid-friendly graphics and not-so-kid-friendly information.

  • Very useful and beautiful! I sometimes use it to identify stars and planets in my photographs -- works perfectly :-)

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  • Know nothing about astronomy, but Stellarium is amazing!! Now I can see the star i want to))

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