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  • Nice Astral Software

  • This is one of my favorite open source projects. It is very pedantic program in terms of Celestial Mechanics, and it is very beautiful in terms of GUI.

  • excelent

  • excellent.

  • superb :)

  • Nagyszerű alkalmazás a csillagnézés terén !!! Csak dicsérni tudom...

  • I use Stellarium in the field with my Celestron CGE mount and a 10" Newt. I use interface to find my target, then use the telescope control to slew the scope straight to it. Control then passes to my camera control software for autoguiding and such. This allows me to have a single laptop for both picking targets and slew control. Great stuff. The addition of the DSS in 0.15.1 is AWESOME!!!!

  • Well done: much precise and accurate

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  • Top!

  • Super helpful before star gazing

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  • Love how this has evolved into such a versatile and feature rich program With both 32 bit and 64 bit support, just love it. Download button is for 64 bit but "Browse All Files" Link under button will get you to 32 bit :-)

  • i first used this program several years ago and i just installed it on a new computer after not using it for a while. this is such an amazing program! i find it so easy to use, it has a great user interface, and so comprehensive in its features. and it's free!!! the only thing i've found that could be improved (i'm not astronomer) was setting your current location. if there was a way pan/zoom on the map (link it to open maps or google maps) so you could select your position, that would be great. in the meantime, i'll cut/paste lat/lon from google earth. donation made; keep up the great work.

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  • Best app ever!

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  • One of my best apps ever !!

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  • It's impressive to see this amount of functionality packed into such an easy-to-use program. Once I was able to sort out the various star catalog downloads, this program was dead easy to use. The search functions well for more commonly-found deep sky objects, and even some not-so common objects. It even found SN1987a!

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  • Thank you for this great program!

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  • Great, I love!. But if you give problems with satellites, you must uninstall and reinstall, checking all boxes remove

  • Wonderful program! Thanks for creator. Very useful for me.

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  • As always, a great Sourceforge achievement. NEW*** In the new Caltech online course, The Science of the Solar System (, Stellarium is an assigned study aid. An important vote of confidence and a tribute to the quality of your creations (Audacity, Open Office, etc). Love ya!

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  • Awesome program. Constantly improving and evolving. Great community. Powerful scripting and options.

  • hi, support for x32??

  • Great

  • I am using Stellarium now for about a year. It is absolutely ingenious to plan photographic sessions. It is easy to use, looks good and allow customisation to see what your setup is able to capture. I highly recommend Stellarium to anybody remotely interested in astronomy.

  • awesome

  • This project is wonderful. Even my 7-years brother love this program. You're great.

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