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New features: Caldwell catalog for nebulae, re-packed star catalogs (Hipparcos and Tycho-2), delta-T manager, star magnitude limit control, localization for Windows installer, updates textures of galaxies and nebulae and various small GUI changes. The release candidate has over 30 closed bugs in the core application and plugins. A huge thanks to our community whose contributions help to make Stellarium better! We updated the configuration file and the Solar System file, so if you have an existing Stellarium installation, it is possible that you need to reset the settings after you install the new version. Change Log Bugfix release with few new features. Added: - Use different formulae for DeltaT calculations (LP: #1106658) - Show/hide starts at magnitude > X feature (LP: #880256, #1132010) - Added translations for Inno Setup installer (LP: #1159080) - Added Caldwell catalog - New skyculture: Tongan - New feature for Oculars plugin: support Barlow/Shapley lenses - Control brightness of the milky way (LP: #1106755) - Satellites plugin: New Galileo satellites (LP: #1169252) - Control brightness of the landscapes at startup (LP: #1149882, #603376) Changed: - Repacked default star catalogs (LP: #1124221) - Repacked locations catalog (LP: #1131036) - Refactored GUI - Update textures for DSO (LP: #1126959, #1114645) - Improved accuracy for NEO (LP: #1100766, #1080154) Fixed: - Sidereal day & sunrise/sunset (LP: #1106754) - Wrong solar day (LP: #1113249) - Pluto and Charon are not tidally locked in Stellarium (LP: #968738) - Search problem in different language (LP: #1131034) - Bortle light pollution scale setting not working (LP: #1121630) - The preference of "Render Solar Shadow" cannot be saved (LP: #1114279) - Background color of the night sky (LP: #1085375) - Time is slightly off (from system time) (LP: #1113222) - Dynamic plugins don't load on windows (LP: #1168958) - Cursor jumps out of altitude input box (LP: #1156112) - Missing splash screen on Windows and Mac OS X (LP: #1131942) - Satellite event times differ (LP: #1114644) - Plugin "Time Zone" display problem on Mac OSX (LP: #1114330) - Yellow/Black Checkered Flag while Object Picture is Loading (LP: #1113064) - Omega Centauri strange appearance on Mac (LP: #1114645) - Planet display bug (LP: #1114036) - Star on meridian has wrong hour angle (LP: #1131206) - Location window spin box up/down behavior (LP: #1093229)
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