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New in the 1.0.29 SSVNC release: The lim_accept.so preloading is tested before running ssh, and the feature is disabled if it fails to load. This is currently required on MacOSX with 64-bit ssh binary. How to provide a wrapper script (using the SSH env. var.) to launch your own custom ssh is now documented. One can use this to supply additional arguments to ssh (e.g. -a or -Snone) One can also specify the setting in ~/.ssvncrc The Unix ssvncviewer can be launched directly (no GUI) via the -viewer command line option (e.g.: ssvnc -viewer host:0) One can set Environment variables on the ssvnc command line like this: ssvnc env=VAR=value ... This may be useful, especially on Windows, to avoid having to create a wrapper script. Initial protocol support for the recent UltraVNC RFB 3.8 compatibility via UltraVNC security type (RFB sec-type #17) is provided (but still incomplete encryption and some other things.) miscellaneous new features and changes: An environment variable SSVNC_EXTRA_COMMAND can be supplied to indicate an extra command to run in the background right before starting the vncviewer. The env. var. SSVNC_ONCE_ONLY makes it so the gui exits after the first connection ends. The "once only" mode now works on Windows. Setting SSVNC_XTERM_REPLACEMENT=' ' will disable showing any terminal window with ssh, stunnel, or vncviewer running. If any of those programs prompt from the terminal, you will not be able to reply. This is for people who do not like to see the terminal. Also consider setting SSVNC_FINISH_SLEEP=0 SSVNC_ESD_ARGS allows passing more arguments to the esd daemon. One can use the prefix "unix=" to force interpretation of host as a unix socket. In "exec=" external command connection mode, better attempts are made to kill and wait for the external command child process. Set SSVNC_NO_KILL_EXEC_CMD for the previous behavior. A ReleaseNotes file is included in the distributed tarball. For more information: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/ssvnc.html
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