SSL Diagnos is used to test SSL strength; get information about SSL protocols (pct, ssl2, ssl3, tls, dtls) and cipher suites. It can also be used for testing and rating ciphers on SSL clients. It has also specific support for pop3s, sip, smtp and explicit ftps.

Tests for heartbleed (including dtls).

Furthermore a separate tool, SSLPressure, not using openssl can be used to check the whole spectrum of possible SSL protocols on a server.

Can also be used for testing ssl for mssql-servers (was added since nessus did not support this) and contains mitm poc for stripping ssl from mssql-connections.


  • SSL scanner including rating of SSL cipher suite strength for server and clients
  • Test SSL strength in for example https, smtp, sip, pop3s, ftps
  • Can be used for OWASP-CM-001
  • Uses OpenSSL to test ssl2, ssl3, tls, dtls, explicit ftps
  • Tests renegotiation and availability of tls renegotiation extension.
  • Specific tests for mitigation of BEAST (CVE-2011-3389). Checking specifically both Windows mitigation and OpenSSL-mitigation.
  • Tests for Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160).

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User Reviews

  • Thanks for making this available on Windows! Great little tool and much more up to date than sslcan. I did run into one issue with the installation that I wanted to share in case someone else runs into it. I am running Windows 7 64 bit and already had the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (64 bit) installed on my PC prior to installing SSL Diagnos. Initially I got an error message with SSL Diagnos, stating that "MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer." I researched this a bit and it appears that SSL Diagnos is a 32 bit program and was looking for the 32 bit version of MSVCR110.dll and wasn't happy that I had the 64 bit version installed on my PC. So to resolve the issue I downloaded the 32 bit version of MSVCR110.dll and placed it in the same folder as SSLDiagnos and everything started working perfectly. I just downloaded the one file and not the whole Visual Studio 2010 redistributable package. I downloaded MSVCR110.dll from, Thanks James for the great utility!

  • great software. works perfect on Win7 and WinXP. On WinXP you may need to install the Visual Studio 2010 Redistribution kit

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