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  • Simple yet feature-filled, nice client!

  • Exactly what I want. So cool

  • Actually the best, more copletede and useful *SQL client overthere.

  • Great tool, I use it daily.

  • This client may not be as flashy or fancy as other RDMS-specific applications but it's super flexible. In my line of work that's way more important than flash. Not having to use 2 or 3 different programs to access all of the databases I have to work with is a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Awesome, has everything that I need, the only one problem is that sometimes it's crashes, for example when I click to show the table creation script, I think it can run in another thread to prevent the whole application crash

  • Excellent tool

  • is ok

  • A very useful database tool. Especially if you use java you can monitor performances of your jdbc driver.

  • Perfect

  • The best one! Simple and direct! No one beated this one since first time I used it. It lacks only a few features, which could be added in the future. It highly recommended.

  • The best SQL client I've used. Works with any database I've tried using jdbc drivers. Great features for copying schemas, data etc between databases. Able to create and test dynamic procedures for Oracle nicely etc. Everywhere I've shown developers this tool, they've dropped TOAD.

  • Wonderful tool to access any database and test experimental JDBC drivers.

  • I use this for connecting to Informix and MySQL. It's feature rich, reliable, and performs very well.

  • Really nice app :)

  • Can't say enough good things about this client. I develop on MS-SQL and Oracle, and also Derby just for testing, and this is my one and only SQL Client. Don't even bother to install vendor tools any longer. Customization, options, L&F, code completion, syntax highlighting, &etc... are great, can run any query, pl/sql, T-SQL, etc with no issues. Exporting/importing data/results also very easy. Another benefit - backup app dir and .squirrel-sql dir and you can a) use this from a thumb drive, or b) move to another computer in seconds. Came in handy when a drive failed and I needed to use backup laptop for a while - all config/settings stayed as I moved app.

  • From all sql clients (both free and paid) this one has fastest autocomplete during writing queries. With some schema configuration it is unstoppable for quick writing sql's and store results in excel/csv files (for report purposes)

  • Me encanta.... es muy bueno.

  • It's hard to believe this is open source project. It has professional grade. Congratulations.

  • Can't live without it no more. One of the first tools I install on a new development machine.

  • Good SQL tool, works well. The graph sql query constructor looks interesting.

  • SQuirreL SQL is an excellent, reliable tool, handles the PostgreSQL and DB2 databases well. Easy interface with good security. Initial load time of a schema may be time consuming, depending on the number of definitions included - worth the wait. I have used SQuirreL for a number of years in diverse environments (Linux, Windows, even AS/400). Very satisfactory.

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

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