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  • Useless. No easily found help for simple functions such as searching for records, etc. website says that "Controls and wizards are available for users to... Search records" but does not say how to access those "controls and wizards". No help available in browser for search function, no menu options to search for records, no nothing. Completely useless SQlite editor.

  • I have a perfectly formed sqlite database, which can be read by other programs. DB Browser refuses to open it, claiming it is an invalid file format. There is little point in installing this software, as it seems to be incapable of handling an sqlite database. There are plenty of other programs out there which work correctly, and work on my own database. DB Browser seems to be the worst of them all.

  • The UI is really unconvenient.

  • Several glaring problems if you want to use this for real SQLite situations: 1) The user interface was apparently never tested for functionality or usability. (Just open a database and look at the garbled mess in the "Schema" column: the display code assumes that the definition has no line breaks within it!) The column widths in "Browse data" are fixed width and there is no quick way of resetting them to make things more visible/usable. And it goes on from there. 2) The app is not fully SQLite 3 compatible. Real SQLite accepts the full range of datatypes that MySQL does, and converts them to the "affinity" datatypes of SQLite on the fly. (See section 2.2 of "Datatypes In SQLite Version 3" {google for it}: you should be able to move almost all datatypes directly from a MySQL table-creation definition to an SQLite database without problem. [Indices and foreign key defs are a different matter.]) If you do use one of the non-affinity types in a database you try to load or an SQL script you try to import the app freezes. 3) This app does not handle both the ON DELETE and ON UPDATE constraints of foreign keys, indeed, it does not seem even to know what to do with foreign keys. It has no way that I've found of displaying their definitions or relationships. It parses the REFERENCES directive, but doesn't seem to know how to do anything with it. The command line processor, sqlite3.exe, that comes with the SQLite distribution, handles issues 2 & 3 without fuss, and gives you a much better feel for working directly within this dialect of SQL. Even without a GUI front, it's far better than this application can claim for itself.

  • This is the worst SQLite Manager ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Quite well... but, this is not handling encoding right. You might want to review it. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a bad design: everytime you switch tabs, it scans the whole db again - nice, if the db contains 800.000 records. Also bad: it reads the whole conten of the db into memory, ending up with consuming half a gig of ram. Might work on tiny db's - keep your fingers off this tool if you deal with bigger ones.

  • Unusable because of

  • Cannot believe this has so many positive reviews. This is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had the misfortune to try to use. The interface is incredibly clumsy, with poorly thought out data entry screens, and no attempt to remember file locations even within the same session. It locks up when I try to import a csv file. It locks up when I try to run a simple INSERT sql. I have nothing good to say about this.

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