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  • Cool software. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wonderful job, thanks for your time for posting

  • Awesome tool! Very useful!!

  • Real cool sofware

  • Thank you - finally! Works great on all the Android SQLite databases I've tried it on! If the Android community discovers this, I predict this program will become very popular.

  • Very useful. Works with iTunes backup files for the iPhone. Note: You'll need v 2.0 of the browser to deal with iOS v 5 backup files. It seems that even though the database files have always been "SQLite Version 3" in iOS, an incompatible change in the format of the files was made sometime in 2011.

  • Great! Immediately intuitive and powerful for all my SQLite editing needs.

  • Great job! This is a nice tool. I think maybe you guys could make it better, 1) Display table name in order in the Table dropdown list on Browse Data tab page. It will be more usable if you have lots of tables in your db. or 2) Show all table names on the left-hand side list view and enable table name search/filter function. This will be more convenient for looking up.

  • A new version here:

  • Since it can handle drag-and-drop I have everything what I need in this simple app. I love it.

  • good job

  • Absolute recommendations. Gets more "lite" from SQLite, that is makes database development more fun.

  • very good project

  • I was so tired of depending on a Firefox-only plug-in for SQLite management. Thank you SO much!!!

  • If you are having trouble building this, make sure you are configured to use Qt 4.6, not 4.7 or v3

  • Elegant design, simple to use! I love how I can look at databases side by side in separate instances so easily.

  • thanks for a good app to handle sqlite database

  • Cannot believe this has so many positive reviews. This is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had the misfortune to try to use. The interface is incredibly clumsy, with poorly thought out data entry screens, and no attempt to remember file locations even within the same session. It locks up when I try to import a csv file. It locks up when I try to run a simple INSERT sql. I have nothing good to say about this.

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  • ***** 5 stars This is my favorite sqlite tool. It does have a few bugs, but still well worth it!

  • Very handy tool! Recommended!

  • Excellent software! I use it during development of my projects, and then i look to the SQLite log and just copy & paste it :D Of course and very useful for db editing... Some suggestions: - use better icons this are like windows 95 style... - on mac add this: setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac(true)

  • yes.Thats Great..

  • very useful software, that does exactly what it says: browse the database

  • Has the Qt .pro file in the compressed file so it is easy to build on any platform supported by Qt.

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