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  • Perfect! But it is unusually without a sheet music (is it possible to find an alternative to this?)... And add a metronome, please!

  • Very useful because, as its name implies, it's lean and fast. I use it to create original MIDI loops. The ability to loop marked sections would be a big step in perfecting it. A "rewind" button would also be helpful, though I'm fine with hitting the Home key.

  • This is one of the best MIDI editors -- good operational logic with an attractive and effective display. It's much more pleasant to use than available digital-audio-workstations and competing editor.

  • Wunderful application! Straight GUI, all the features I hoped to find are there. Five minutes after the installation I was able to edit MIDI files from ChoralWiki to prepare MP3s for rehearsal.

  • Awesome, great app ; großartig auf Deutsch ;-)

  • thank you for the software. very easy to use for my shhet-music learning needs. k r g

  • Love that its free

  • Very small, free, and quite usefull!!!

  • Good work:)

  • With a superb interface, suprising simplicity, and a moderate amount of editing power, this is one of the best music editors I've seen. Ever. Unfortunately, it's not quite as powerful as I like...while it can be used to quickly create even multi-channel midi pieces, it is devoid of any advanced event editing, i.e. it cannot utilize pitch and modulation change events. If such event editing was incorporated into this program, it would satisfy all my midi needs---as well as those of most composers/directors that would use midi.

  • Like the description says, I wanted to tweak a midi for my quartet, and it let me do exactly what I wanted. I split the parts, transposed them, and changed the volumes to generate a version for each part.