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  • I rated it as "good", then I suscribed for review It is a simple and good, very good, alternative to time-wasting games. There, time is spent (not wasted). I like it very much. Because I like it, I thought about corrections and improvements. Let's assume that the key to the game is to keep oneself looking at the notes and typing its names (or clicking). The faster, the better; more fun and more learning. We can use "keep tourself looking at notes, and touch-type" as premise. One drawback to that premise is the timer. It is distracting, I found that the program is agreeable only after I placed Windows Task Manager (always on top) over the time counter. I recomend an option show/hide. Another drawback is the not too good inmediate feedback about right/wrong. If you type the right name, progress bar increases and a new note appears, if you are wrong, progress bar don't increases and a the note stays. But the new note can be equal to the previous; in such case I ask myself: was I wrong? the program repeated?. Ergo, the only reliable feedback is the progress bar: I must look at it before typing, type, look at the note... it is not possible to keep oneself looking at notes. I suggest, as feedback, change color of the (as example, green/red = right/wrong), or slash it. Optional, unpleasant sound for "wrong", correct sound for "right". Another drawback is the handicap for the do,re,mi... notation vs the C,D,E.... It implies more typing for the first one (I use do,re..., you can guess it by my english). Even the c,d,e system is slow because the need of hitting the ENTER key. I suggest: option a) do,re,mi,fa,sol,la,si = d,r,m,f,s,l,z option b) better, mapping note names to a row of adjacent keys: as example, the lower row of the PC keyboard (z,x,c,v,b,n,m) mapped to do,re,mi,... Also I suggest single-touch typing, without ENTER key. Another drawback is the lacking of a stop or cancel key (or button). If, after starting, you change your mind about settings, the only way to restart is by exiting the program. Another drawback is: clicking piano keys (a good idea, more learning) implies looking at piano keys (against premise) because I can't "touch-mousing". I suggest mapping the PC keyboard lower row (z,x,c,v,b,n,m) to do,re,mi, and (enhacement) s,d,g,h,j to #do, #re,... Another enhacement: full piano keyboard by combination of numeric pad numbers (for octave selection) and PC keyboard lower row. Or q,w,e,r,t... for octave selection. Sugestion for enhacement: Not appearing and dissapearing notes but a long staff, every note visible and a dot, a box or similar which marks the selected note. Similar to real life sheet music. Sugestion for enhacement: Sharp notes. Best regards

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