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  • The developers are very stupid people. This spoiled the beautiful game, such a small piece. What's the twist machine mouse pointer? What kind of nonsense at all? Most of stupidity in my life seen. I would like to add the program to your site, but after testing generally removed from the list to add.

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  • Totally unplayable. Using either mouse or keyboard just makes the thing spin out of control. Graphics reminded me of legacy style arcade.

  • It crashed before I started a race...

  • While this is a great start of a project, the developers need to get realistic and include some error handling. Most of the cars act somewhat realistically, except for the plethora of changes that have been made to their settings (mu at 2.6? wtf?) to work with the simulation engine. Creating a car or robot is an exercise in futility as there is very little documentation and the developers constantly refer back to the source. There is no user support, searchable forums, or active chat room associated with this game, as for some reason the developers constantly use a javachat and mailing lists. Open source development has changed, and these developers don't realize it yet. They need to become more open and realize that most of a fan base will not know C/C++, that most people expect useful error messages, and that users want to be able to communicate with other users through an easily searchable interface. It could be great, but the developers have shrouded themselves so far away that they can't communicate with the fans anymore. Wouldn't even bother downloading until the 2.0 release.