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  • The developers are very stupid people. This spoiled the beautiful game, such a small piece. What's the twist machine mouse pointer? What kind of nonsense at all? Most of stupidity in my life seen. I would like to add the program to your site, but after testing generally removed from the list to add.

  • Support for many input devices (keyboard, joypad, joystick, wheel/pedal ...) Really ? So why we can't use it for controls ? Steering via mouse is very stupid and uncomfortable

  • The Recent Speed Dreams build for Macintosh: speed-dreams-base-2.2-r6106-darwin-dev-testing.dmg (182.6 MB) Tests out GREAT on Mac OS X 10.9.5 on Hardware MacPro3,1 Excellent Job!

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  • Totally unplayable. Using either mouse or keyboard just makes the thing spin out of control. Graphics reminded me of legacy style arcade.

  • The game looks good and it's very configurable. btw I can't understand why can't I turn to sides with the arrow keys! driving with the mouse is very hard

  • Excellent car simulator. Nice open source project.

  • Excellent game, good graphics and very realistic. However, it takes a little time and training to learn how to control downforce and traction else the car can start dancing in every sense, it is certainly a bug to fix. There is not much information about the network mode and there is no list of servers to connect to play online, you can only connect to a known IP address, the one for example of a friend who host a party. Many cars and tracks, possibility for the brave, to create their own but this involves knowledge skinning, 3D, softwares like Blender, Gimp, Inkscape ... creation takes a long time, about 80 to 120 hours to create a circuit but you can also start by modifying existing ones. Too bad this game is not better known by the Community, the DEV Team has difficulties to recruit good contributors in the long term but gradually it evolves. I tried to register on the forum unfortunately I can't find anywhere the answer to the question of confirmation (what is the most hated animal of the Speed ​​Dreams Community) !? I have not found that either contact someone, the Facebook page is no longer updated for several months. I'm here in hope to find a contact. It is perhaps this difficulty to join the Community that prevents amateurs to participate.

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  • It crashed before I started a race...

  • Speed-dreams works great.

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  • The best open source racing sim available for Windows and Linux (Not Intel OS X). So far. So that thank you developers for writting so great 3D simulator.

  • Great project and easy to use.

  • Workes fine

  • Compare it with TORCS, it's more real, models and tracks with higher quality and better AI for opponents but it still needs more work on models and tracks, more graphics options such as motion blur and bugs that need to be fixed.

  • I know that one day you will be substitute with NFS

  • great project !

  • very nice to see this project growing and developing in a good direction :)

  • very good project

  • This is so far the best racing game for linux, i love 36GPs and looking forward to online game. Thanks

  • While this is a great start of a project, the developers need to get realistic and include some error handling. Most of the cars act somewhat realistically, except for the plethora of changes that have been made to their settings (mu at 2.6? wtf?) to work with the simulation engine. Creating a car or robot is an exercise in futility as there is very little documentation and the developers constantly refer back to the source. There is no user support, searchable forums, or active chat room associated with this game, as for some reason the developers constantly use a javachat and mailing lists. Open source development has changed, and these developers don't realize it yet. They need to become more open and realize that most of a fan base will not know C/C++, that most people expect useful error messages, and that users want to be able to communicate with other users through an easily searchable interface. It could be great, but the developers have shrouded themselves so far away that they can't communicate with the fans anymore. Wouldn't even bother downloading until the 2.0 release.

  • Very good this game :)

  • I'm very excited to see this progress.

  • yes, GREAT work

  • Really exciting new car sets, with so different handling feelings, and so realistic at the same time. Also really nice liveries. The LS1 monsters are a real challenge to master, as well as the old dangerous 36GPs. Great AI opponents too, at last difficult to overtake ! The new Corkscrew track is really fantastic. A great step ahead from Torcs !

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