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spatial_2.1.0_documented.zip 2013-10-07 3.9 MB 11 weekly downloads

2015-12-06 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.8 Fixed Ticket #5 and Ticket #4 raised by Michał Garapich. Thanks
    for supporting the library by contributing bugs.

2015-11-29 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.7 Greatly improves performance of nearest neighbor search and
    iteration on nearest neighbors; between 5 to 100 times. Moderate
    improvement on finding equals or simply find() in containers. Minor
    improvements to mapping iterators too, which improve insertion/removal
    times in the kd-tree. The improvements were felt significant enough to
    warrant a specific release of the library, even though no other feature
    or bug has been fixed in this version.

2014-10-27 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.6 Ticket #2 (https://sourceforge.net/p/spatial/tickets/2/)
    reported by Ed Baskerville has been solved. To solve it, C++11 support
    for compilation has been added to the library for Clang++ and
    G++. Additionally support for libc++ and Clang++, has also been
    added. Note that C++11 support only means it compiles when the compiler
    is set to be compliant with C++11. The library's APIs have yet so
    support new semantics such as rvalues, initialization lists, etc.

2014-10-22 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.5 ticket #3 (https://sourceforge.net/p/spatial/tickets/3/)
    reported by Michał Garapich has been solved. neighbor_iterator can now
    be used with const containers, as expected.

2014-10-21 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.4 The mapping iterator is now dissociated from the containers,
    its header file and definition will not be pulled by default anymore
    when the containers include file are specified. So its include file
    "spatial/mapping_iterator" must be specified.

    * Intermediary release of the developments on the feature_4 branch with
    improvements on the performance of the mapping iterator and the erase
    function for the idle_* family of containers. Performance improvements
    between 5% and 50% faster.

2014-03-12 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.3 ticket #1 including idle_point_multiset.hpp stops project from
    compiling https://sourceforge.net/p/spatial/tickets/1/ has been fixed.

2013-12-21 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.2 Added the perfect_balancing policy for Relaxed_kdtree, improved
    documentation and improve the speed of the reblance() algorithm by 10x.

2013-11-10 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.1 Fixed a bug on the rebalance() function in the kdtrees. All the
    unit tests on the tree where not taken into account, now they are.

2013-07-28 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.1.0 Added the new equal_iterator optimized for containers with
    strict invariant trees, such as idle_point_multiset, idle_box_multiset,

2013-07-21 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * v2.0.1 Some updates to the documentation.

2013-05-18 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Started to update the documentation, some errors have been found when
    compiling with SPATIAL_SAFER_ARITHMETICS. They are now fixed on the main

2013-05-12 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Merged task_3432355 into the main branch. This officially results in
    the library being pushed to version 2.0.0. It now compiles on GCC and
    Clang, test on Windows under progress. Remain to update the
    documentation a little.

2013-03-20 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * task_3432355 Made access to functors inside iterators and containers
    more STL-like.

2013-03-16 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * task_3432355 Used a new, more common standard to name private or
    restricted class members (pre-fix _) by opposition to shadowing function
    parameters (post-fix _).

    * task_3432355 Interface for the neighbor_iterator is finally finalized
    and now the unit testing of neighbor_iterator can restart.

    * task_3432355 Using ordered_iterator to add the relative operators to
    all containers.

2012-11-17 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * task_3432355 New ordered_iterator finally added with its unit
    test. New cross-container operators can now be written properly.

2012-09-23 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * task_3432355 A new fixture framework has been created in order to make
    an efficient use of test template and considerably reduce the number of
    tests required while increasing the portions of code actually tested.

2011-11-08 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * task_3432355 Adding more documentation on complexity of mapping function.

    * task_3432355 Rewriting spatial_mapping.hpp is now done.
    spatial_mapping.tpp is now being adapted to fit the new interface. Other
    iterator will follow soon. The newer interface is a big departure from
    the former one, however it provides a much cleaner approach.

    * task_3432355 Rewriting spatial_node.hpp is now done. Fixed constness
    of Key object in links with pairs of key, value types.

2011-07-27 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Fix an issue with allocator, where the user defined allocator was used
    instead of a rebind, which can cause significant issues.

2011-07-26 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Revamp large amount of code to add support for pair<key, mapped>
    values in container, and further down the road, paved the way for
    intrusive container support. However none of it is documented nor unit
    tested. So it is still in stage of infancy. At least the rest works. In
    the process, I rearranged includes and remove some of the files from the
    index, that have no use now.

2011-07-15 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * src/bits/spatial_exceptions.hpp added a new exception check in all
    runtime containers to make sure that library users do not enter a 0
    value for the dimension.

2011-07-14 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * src/frozen_pointset.hpp forzen_runtime_pointset is now
    runtime_frozen_pointset, to tally with the include file name. Same for

    * src/boxset.hpp Boxes can be stored in a container now!

    * src/frozen_pointset.hpp cut the pointset file in 2.

    * src/bits/spatial_range.hpp add the helper functions for ranges as
    well as the view for overlap and enclose ranges.

    * src/pointset.hpp After much of reflexion, I decided that it was
    unnecessary to restrict use of pointset or boxset to a particular set
    of range or neighbor iterator. There are some cases were you need such
    functionality. It's better to allow this rather than have ppl complain
    for the need of writing adaptors. Also it's true that basic users may
    make mistakes, if the tutorial is probably written, they shouldn't
    missuse this or that view. On top of that, it makes design easier.

2011-07-13 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * doc/Doxyfile Add grouped distribution of documentation so has to
    save some documentation hassle.

    * src/bits/spatial_node.hpp removed the @test list documentation
    marker in this file and other. Test list will be rebuilt if it becomes
    useful. It is not useful at the moment.

2011-07-12 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * doc/Doxyfile Fixed some documentation issues over some LaTeX
    formulas. Removed custom header and footer for HTML since generated doc
    may fail between different versions of Doxygen introducing mismatch in
    stylesheets. And added a LaTeX output to the documentation. All in all,
    most changes are to make the documentation directory cleaner and more
    standard with regard to the output generated by Doxygen.

    * src/bits/spatial_range.hpp (spatial): fix compilation issues detected
    with g++4.5, that went through with MSVC9.0.

    * doc/Doxygen added new documentation variables and documentation
    aliases to generate concepts lists.

    * src/bits/spatial_range.hpp design of overlap and enclose bounds
    finalized. Also added new explanation for RangePredicated concept.

    * test/verify.cpp Added tests for the bounds factory and the bounds
    themselves. The last part must still be implemented.

    * src/bits/spatial_exception.hpp remapped conflicting names in
    exceptions and added new exceptions for overlap and enclose bounds.

2011-07-08 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Overlap_bound is done. Need to redesign Range_iterators a little bit
    to accomodate the new iterface for the bounds.

2011-07-07 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Started working on overlap and enclose iterator. It seems overlap are
    trickier to implement than I suspected.

    * Modified the compilation parameters to make it even more strict. No
    more shadowing of variables, and not more implicit converstion of

2011-06-16 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * src/bits/spatial_mapping.tpp fixed an issue with lower_bound and
    upper_bound functions. Wrong initialization of 'best' pointer. Somehow
    it has slipt uncaught until now.

2011-06-14 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0. Generation of unit
    test file is working and fixed most compilation issues (some remain).

    * src/bits/spatial_details.hpp Removed unnecessary match function,
    acting as an alias for predicate.

2011-06-13 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Added neighbor_iterable capability to *_pointset family of

    * Fixed range_views compilation issues and added unit tests.

    * Changed use of view:: namespace for neighbor view. New type is named
    neighbor_view to follow the naming convention adopted in Boost.

2011-06-12 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Changed use of view:: namespace for range view. New type is named
    range_view to follow the naming convention adopted in Boost.

    * Changed use of view:: namespace for mapping view. New type is named
    mapping_view to follow the naming convention adopted in Boost.

    * Fixed an issue with copy and assignment constructor on
    Relaxed_kdtree. The weight of the root node was not copied.

    * Added pointset and frozen_pointset family of contaners. Finally
    reaching point of completion for basic types. Now need to add more
    examples and documentation to explain how to use them.

    * Fixed test for bulk erase in Relaxed Kdtree.

    * Adding missing test for optimization in Kdtree.

2011-06-11 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Added some missing unit test to check erase in bulk in kdtree. Adding
    same test for relaxed kdtree soon.

    * Passed all nearest neighbor iterator tests for the relaxed kdtree.

    * Modified the incrementation and decrementation algorithm for the
    nearest neighbor iterator. The old algorithm would prefer to scan the
    nodes on one side, and then on the other side. This is not ideal when
    the closest point is not on the first side being scanned. The new
    algorithm scans both sides at the same time, alternating between the 2.

    * Passed most mapping tests for the Relaxed K-d tree. Remaining
    Lower_bound and Upper_bound. Behind schedule. Been playing Halo:Reach
    too much.

2011-04-07 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * Rewriting support for constant and mutable iterators in
    containers. Now iterators are deterministic (either all constant or all
    mutable), and it is up to the container to choose which to use. The
    resulting code is much cleaner.

    * Relaxed_kdtree types of containers now reblance on insertion. I have
    worked out several progressive version of the algorithm and improved it
    each time. But I still need to check what it is observed run-time when
    inserting growing sequential integers series in the tree, to validate
    that it remains O(log(n)), which is what preliminary tests
    shows. Nevertheless, finally working out an efficient algorithm that
    balances the tree completely according to the policy is immensely

2011-03-13 Sylvain Bougerel sylvain.bougerel.devel@gmail.com

    * First release with the following features:
      * multi-dimension template containers with unlimited number of
        dimensions to store points in space,
      * dimensions may be of different types,
      * static or dynamic time determination of the number of dimensions,
      * O(log(n)) class of complexity on insertion and removal,
      * use custom predicate to define a range of elements,
      * STL-compatible iterators that go over that range of elements,
      * flexible definition of a metric space for elements in the container,
      * STL-compatible iterators going from the nearest to the furthest
        neighbr of a point according to the metric space applied.
Source: README.md, updated 2015-12-06

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