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  • Works perfectly well with Win8 and office 2010. Just have to make sure you install it to its own directory. In my case I went with C:\spambayes. On another note, i have used SpamBayes for quite sometime and it is quite simply the best spam filter out there.

  • I'm wondering what the user who said it wouldn't work on a 64-bit platform meant, since there are many ways a failure can manifest. I can get it to run on Win8 64-bit, that is, the application doesn't crash, but I just can't communicate with it using my email client.

  • It's working OK so far on a newish 64-bit Win-7 desktop as of 5/14. It is slightly slow and has a clunky (antique) UI feel but seems to get the job done with adequate user options but not too many options. To make it work I hade to install in a non default directory, C:/spambayes and then upgrade gocr049.exe which was crashing Google will find comments on both these issues.

  • Doesn't work on a 64-bit platform (Windows and Office), still waiting for a solution.

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

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  • Upgraded to Outlook 2016 (x86) on Windows 10 and Spambayes has continued working smoothly. This is a great add-in - thanks guys!

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  • Good anti-spam solution. Try it!

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  • My anti-spam solution since 2000 or so. (Don't remember using it on MS Office 97, but did start with MSO 2000 and have used it ever since.) Sometimes takes some fiddling to get it going now-a-days, with UAC fun in modern windows, but basic algorithm is one of the strongest around, just look at how many commercial efforts are based on SpamBayes.

  • Our users swear by SpamBayes! Would like to have a 64-bit version ASAP as we have added a few 64-bit Windows 7 workstations to our network and the DLL file apparently cannot be loaded by the 64-bit Outlook app.

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  • The best for Windows! It still needs to have a Mac and Linux version that is actually decent.

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  • Awesome, beats any other compression tool out there.

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  • Best program for Windows.

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  • The performance is good as well and supports up to 2 processors.

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  • Love this app.

  • very useful project, thanks!

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  • thank you for such a great program

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  • great software! :)

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  • Works great with Outlook 2007 :-) But needs updating to Outlook 2010?! Small & easy plugin, great work!

  • To me, the best opensource antispam Users of Thunderbird 3.x looking for a strong antispam based on SpamBayes ? I invite you to try out ThunderBayes++ a plugin on I'm continuying the development originally initiated by Daniel Miller. Yet ThunderBayes++ compared to the original ThunderBayes brings the latest SpamBayes revision from SVN, exclusive SQLite support not yet in SpamBayes, a portable mysql51 & python26 with all required libraries and a few more handy options inside thunderbird3. Supports Thunderbird 3.x, Windows, Linux, MAC OSX. Use of SpamBayes(this wonderful project), ThunderBayes 1.0.1, Python, MySQL, SQLite, MySQLdb, Lockfile, psycopg2, MSVCRT90, py2exe, zope, PIL, pywin32. In short you just have to install ThunderBayes++ and you can setup all from within Thunderbird, you don't have to do the tedious work of configuring all third party projects, it turns the depending services in load-on-demand rather than running 24/7

  • Doesn't work well with Outlook 2007