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Totals: 11 Items   308.1 kB 4 -Compiled with VS 2013 and tested with windows 7 and windows 8.1 -The DNSBL Dialog defaults were set to more current DNSBL sites. -Removed support for systems prior to XP -The Lart will be truncated if it exceed 14k in size. -Aded TLS/SSL support when authentication is needed to logon to the SMTP server. -Added a new combo box to the SMTP connection dialog to select TLS/SSL -Added changes needed to support changes in Whois responses from ARIN and RIPE. -Updated all of the base64 encoding/decoding because it was having a problem occasionally -Fixed a bug which occurred rarely when establishing the connection to the SMTP server. -Fixe a bug that occurred when adding a new DNSBL, wasnt changing the SpamSource setting. -Fixed a conflict with one of the command line switches - /f aded /t dont use default message store Compiled with Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7. Not tested on any other version of Windows. Stopped accessing CyberAbuse website as it was causing long delays due to the fact the website is no longer available. Updated the processing of ARIN responses to abuse contact information due to changes in the format of these responses. Changed the default font to "Microsoft Sans Serif" to make the text more readable. Fixed problem reported when handling email headers containing X_SPAM lines. The problem was processing large email headers. - Slighly changed the interface of RegEx class(made it a stateless one: the results are returned using a new nested RegEx::Result class) - Totally rewritten the Received class, using RegExs (and simplifying a lot); must be tested, I'm sure my regex aren't perfect. - replaced simple smart pointer in abuse/refcounted.h with a more complex abuse/Pointers.h; interface to RefCountedPtr remained the same (except that conversion to T* aren't implicit, if you have a RefCountedPtr<T> p you have to call p.ptr() to obtain the raw pointer T*) - Made some minor fixes to make the whole stuff compile under 2003 (just fixed some _MSC_VER #ifdefs) ------------------- spam-abuse dev team -------------------
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