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  • I have read many comment such as "best file manager for Linux" etc.. Well, they are all true. And I would add, "best file manager I have ever used regardless of platform." I could stop my review here, but let me tell you a bit about just how powerful SpaceFM actually is: By virtue of its unique design, SpaceFM is more than a typical file manager. It is so configurable via its "Design Mode" that it is possible for each user to have a unique version entirely suited to his or her personal needs. All menus, bookmarks, toolbars can be personalized and do just about anything you can think of... Or, you can use it "right out of the box." The power inherent in the design is such even a beginner can utilize many of SpaceFM's unique concepts, however, if one is willing to read the manuals, experiment, and learn some bash scripting, the potential of SpaceFM will challenge even advanced users. Things I have my SpaceFM do for me: 1) Configure, compile, and install source code with one click of a toolbar button. 2) Run unique and personalized bash scripts on folders or groups of selected files with one click. 3) Play selected video and or audio files using personalized preferences per file type which are passed to my favorite players with one click. 4) Basically anything you can do at a terminal, or within a bash script, can be added as a single-click task within SpaceFM if you are willing to learn. SpaceFM is a rare piece of software that has as much potential as you are willing to put into it. I thank the developer "Ignorant Guru" for this very powerful and unique application!

  • Sleek UI yet not overwhelming in anyway, very intuitive even for the newest users. A support community and a developer second to none results in the best one could hope for in any application. I am damned proud to have SpaceFM as the default file manager in VSIDO.

  • Incredible! Easily the best file manager for Linux.

  • Totally amazing!!! I really love this filemanager! THANKS!!!

  • Spacefm works great.

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  • Excellent! Up 'til now I have not found a decent replacement for Nautilus but having dumped gnome and gone to Xfce I found Thunar to be laughably old fashioned, spaceFM with a few 3rd party plugins is great, stable, customizable and with the new built-in dialog function is in my opinion one of the best FM's around. Could do with built in knowledge of gvfs to handle things like Trash:// Network:// Computer:// etc.

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  • Wow. Does this FM ever have potential! Finally someone who understands what Linux users really need in a FM, and he has crafted that into this project. His knowledge of where a user needs root is as good as it gets. His use of "panels" is simple and yet incredibly useful without unnecessary bloat . Well done.. and I cannot wait until stable! While still in Alpha, it is quite functional even though there are several small(?) but noticeable bugs.

  • Panel layout is not customizable, it's selectable. You have the ability to show or hide individual panels with different attributes. One with a directory tree sidebar, the others without, two horizontal and two (not counting the one with sidebar) vertical. The vertical panels resize themselves when changing directories which is very annoying. I do like the idea that you can add another panel with just two mouse clicks. It makes it easy to quickly open one if you need an extra for something quickly, then get rid of it when you don't need/want it anymore. It's a good start, but still needs a bit of work. I understand it's still early in development, but take a look at Krusader for some ideas. It's one of the best graphical Midnight Commander clones I've found to date.

  • this filemanager gives a new understanding of 'customizable' without being bloatware quick, responsive and quite stable as far as i can tell